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Top 4 Popular Places to See When Hiking in Dolomites

If you have been dreaming about doing a bit of Dolomites Hiking as soon as you step foot in Italy you’ll be happy to know that there are a whole host of hiking trail options to pick and choose from that are tailor-made for everyone looking to take on these kinds of adventures, regardless of your age, athletic ability, and the like.

Popular Dolomites Hiking

Below we highlight some of the best Dolomite hiking opportunities you’ll want to think about exploring for yourself, shining a light on these amazing adventures to soak in the kind of alpine atmosphere you literally will not find anywhere else on the planet.

Let’s jump right in!

Hiking Trail at Val Gardena

Seceda is far and away one of the most recognizable landmarks in the entirety of the Dolomites, a range of almost unbelievably sharp mountain spikes that are covered in grass, flowers, and trees that create one of the most picturesque vistas you’ll ever have a chance to set your eyes on.

The Pieralongia rocks in Val Gardena. Photo Credit: Instagram @roterrucksack

Easily one of the most frequently photographed spots in the entirety of the Dolomites, the hiking trails at Val Gardenia are all designed to bring you to this valley so that you can see it for yourself.

A handful of trails offer adventurers an opportunity to sort of “pick their own pathway”, hiking for between an hour to four hours – depending on their interests – while arriving at this ultimate destination.

You haven’t really on Dolomite hiking until you check out the trails at Val Gardena.

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Day Hike in Tre Cime

Tre Cime Di Lavaredo is another of the world-famous destinations in the Italian Dolomites, and if you are going to spend any time hiking in this area you’re going to want to make sure that you set aside plenty of time to do this hike.

Photo Credit: Instagram @alexis_berg

One of the most popular hotspots in the region, and commonly the very first stop for hikers that want to explore the rest of the Dolomites at their own pace, the amazing thing about this location is that it never feels crowded and that it never feels overpopulated – even though there are hikers constantly arriving to soak it in for themselves.

Photo Credit: Instagram @kimjenssenphotography

One of the most beautiful loops and hikes in the entirety of the Dolomites you should expect to spend anywhere between three and four hours exploring every avenue of this hike. It takes 11 km round-trip to completely hike, but there are some people that set aside entire days to take everything at their own pace so that they don’t miss a drop of this part of the Dolomites.

Lake Como

No Dolomite hiking excursion would really be complete without visiting Lake Como just a few miles away from the border with Switzerland.

A gorgeous glacial lake that sits at the feet of the Alps, it’s hard not to be awestruck when you see the multitude of colors – the greens, the blues, purples, the whites, the grays, and more – that nature has on full display here.

Lake Como
Dining along Lake Como. Photo Credit: Instagram @takemyhearteverywhere

There are a couple of different hikes that you can take throughout the Dolomites that will have you visiting Lake Como, but some of them offer you a bit more privacy and an opportunity to see parts of this lake that you might not have had a chance to see if you simply followed the crowds.

One of the more popular Dolomites hiking trails to see these tucked away parts of Lake Como is the Wayfarers Path. This is a pretty easy hike to take on even if you are a little bit older and maybe not in the best of shape, though it does take a little bit longer to reach the kinds of heights that allow you to see lake in its entirety with the gorgeous backdrop of nature surrounding it.

This is another one of those hikes in the Dolomites that you want to set aside a day to explore. You’re going to want to have lunch and dinner (and maybe even breakfast) here, with plenty of folks arriving before sunrise and leaving after sunset what that experience is like for themselves as well.

Great Lago Di Hikes

While most people want to see the unique mountain ranges, incredible valleys, and open spaces of nature that the Dolomites have become world-famous for, there are also a lot of hikers that want to explore the lakes (Lagos) of the dolomites, too.

If you find yourself in that camp you want to be sure that you check out the three likes that we highlight below, likes that will change the way think about the Dolomites from here on out.

Lago di Braies
Lago Di Braies. Photo Credit: Instagram @agpfoto

Lago di Braies is often described as the most beautiful and picturesque lake in the entirety of the Dolomites and is usually one of the top three destinations new hikers want to see for themselves just as soon as they hit this part of Italy.

Most of the hikes that take you to this lake are pretty short and easy to maneuver, with 90 minute average times from start to finish. The real treat is finally climbing high enough to peek over the lake, seeing the gorgeous Croda del Becco Peak range behind it reflected in the water.

Lago di Carezza
Lago di Carezza. Photo Credit: Instagram @jlu2789

Lago di Carezza is another lake that you’ll want to explore what you are doing a bit of Dolomite hiking, though this one isn’t quite as large or quite as popular – but that just means you won’t have to deal with nearly as many crowds as you would at other destinations.

This mountain lake is most well-known for its gorgeous green water that reflects a rainbow of colors, all of which made possible by a 100% natural phenomenon that occurs only here.

Finally, you’ll want to be sure that you have a quick hike over to Lago di Dobbiaco – a beautiful mountain lake that separates two of the most popular national parks in the Dolomites. There are dozens and dozens of different Dolomite hiking trails for you to explore here and in these national parks, making this the ultimate destination for those that want to explore on their own while still finding themselves back at this relatively central location.

Featured Image Source: Instagram @enrychris

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