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What To Eat Before Going Hiking

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For you to get through your hiking journey, you have to eat things beforehand that’ll provide you fuel, power, and energy to achieve what your goals are. Below are the best foods to eat before a hike and the foods you should avoid before hiking.

Best Foods to Eat Before Your Hike

  • Lean Meats – Protein is an essential macro nutrient, particularly for hikers. It helps repair the tired muscles and increase metabolism that are inevitable when climbing steep mountains. To reduce the soreness of the muscles, try eating lean meats before going for a hike.
  • Oatmeal – It’s one of the good breakfasts you could eat on regular days, yet would be beneficial before your long hike. Due to its carbohydrate and high fiber content in oatmeal, it’ll keep you energized throughout your journey. If you aren’t the number one fan of oatmeal, try adding in fruits, brown sugar, and honey.
  • Eggs – These another protein-filled breakfast option. Combine them with a carbohydrate to improve your performance, boost recovery better than the carbohydrates alone, and lessen muscle damage.
  • Nutrition Bars – These are ideal pre-hike meal replacement if you do not have time to prepare for something. But, eating any bar will not cut it because several have as much nutritional values as chocolate bars. Pick one that contains some real ingredients and lots of carbs, proteins, and minerals or vitamins to propel you through hikes.
  • Water – It’s the most crucial thing to consume before you hike since hydration is the key particularly if you are hiking on a hot day. Even if you aren’t thirsty, ensure to drink water consistently before setting out to start. Water will also keep you cool during a hike for the reason that it helps regulate the body temperature.

Foods You Should Avoid Before a Hike

  • Fries and BurgersGreasy fast food is probably the worst food you may eat before you go hiking. Fatty and deep-fried foods will just cause you to crash mid-hike and slow down hike. It’s because foods that have high fats are turned into energy than less efficiently than protein and carbohydrates. You will need energy while hiking.
  • Cheese – It’s a magical food that could make any dish amazing, yet if you eat it before a hike, it could make your experience worse. Since it is high in fat, it slowly digests in your stomach and it will end up feeling like bricks weighing you down, which makes it tougher to conquer hiking steep mountains.
  • Spices – The spicy foods can burn more calories, yet they fail to do this job once you eat them right before a hike. Seasonings and spices in your Mexican food could cause indigestion or heartburn, which causes halt to your climb due to long digestion time.

There are many foods that you may or not eat before a hike. Make sure that you know the best foods you should consume before you go hiking for you to fuel up your body and achieve your hiking goals.

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