Whether you have been going on hikes for years, or this is just your first time to head to the great outdoors, it is always a good idea to be familiar with the best hiking trails in the United States that are guaranteed to give you the most exhilarating but fulfilling trek of your life.

30-Mile Wilderness of Appalachian Trail

The famous 100 Miles Wilderness in Maine is the Appalachian Trail’s lengthiest part that never crosses any paved road. Northeastern hikers are lucky because the route’s first 30 miles boast of the finest features of this trail. A route that is somewhat rugged, you can look forward to see flourishing maple forests, panoramic views of Maine’s rural backwoods, rocky flowing rivers, and Lower Wisconsin Falls.

Jay Peak Long Trail North

Long Trail was established during the early 1990s, and is dubbed as the footpath in the wilderness, and is also the United States’ oldest long distance trail. The entire trail runs from Massachusetts up to the Canadian border. However, trail experts recommend the section of Jay Peak for hikers searching for the best part. This is rugged enough for keeping the interest of hikers but is also very accommodating even for beginners.

Cascade Mountain

With its name inspired by the waterfalls found at the base of the mountain, Cascade is among the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, and is also considered as the easiest to scale. This is a wonderful option for novice hikers, and those who want to get a glimpse of Lake Champlain and Green mountains of New York will surely enjoy this easy 4.2 mile hike with views that you cannot simply find anywhere else.

Mt. Tammany

This mountain in New Jersey overlooks Delaware Water Gao, offering stunning views and various trail options within eagle-watching spot. Its main loop spans for just 3.5 miles and even though it is lacking in distance, the slope is truly remarkable. The shortest route on Mt. Tammany has been listed at only 1.5 miles, which is manageable enough for all hikers.

Metacomet-Monadnock Trail, Mount Tom Traverse

Metacomet-Monadnock Trail’s portion on Mount Tom Traverse has been certified in 2001 as a National Recreation Trail and provides hikers a one of a kind chance to experience the different landscapes that the wilderness of Massachusetts offers. Starting at the entrance to Mount Tom Traverse Reservation found on Route 141 following a quick elevation gain of 200 feet, the route takes you through around 6 miles of ridgewalking wherein you will get a glimpse of inspiring views of Connecticut River Valley then pass by ruins of hotels of centuries old before you reach Goat Peak. This trail is perfect for birdwatchers during fall and spring when you can commonly spot hawks as they glide overhead.

Franconia Ridge Traverse

Franconia Ridge Trail is running from the south tip to north and linking Mount Liberty, Mount Lafayette, Mount Lincoln, and Little Haystack along an above-treeline and knife-edge trail plunging thousands of feet to Lincoln Brook and Walker Brook river valleys down below.

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