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Does Boiling Water Make It Safe to Drink?

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Why would you bother boiling the water?

Does Boiling Water Make It Safe To Drink

Well, if you’re out in the wilderness and you have stumbled upon a stream of water, you’d actually be taking a risk by drinking from that without sterilizing it first.

Naturally, the water is basically a host to numerous dangerous pathogens, parasites, and bacteria found in unclean water, which may cause you illness or even could lead you to death.

Does Boiling Water Make it Safe to Drink?

Boiling water is the best way to make sure that it’s safe to drink because some chemical purification products and filtering devices aren’t as effective as they claim.

Boiling water will kill all types of microorganisms including viruses, parasites, and bacteria. Once the water reached the boiling point of 100°C, all pathogens were already killed.

As precautionary measure, you might want to boil for full minutes to be safe. The time that it would take for the water to reach a boil and cool down is enough time to kill all the dangerous organisms that might make you sick.

To be safe, you should follow the recommendation of the experts, which is boiling water for one full minute or three minutes if you’re 2000 meters above ground level.

More Reasons to Boil Water

You should ensure that your drinking water would be healthy and safe for your body. One of the most important ways to make sure that the water is good for your health is boiling it before you drink it. It’s a healthy and effective way that can get rid of the toxic bacteria as well as dangerous substances in the water after boiling.

Boiling water for drinking is also essential in getting rid of illnesses, pains, and diseases that you could experience when drinking water came from some dirty places.

Boiling water is also one of the alternatives when making water safe for drinking for kids or anyone that surrounds you.

If you are traveling in a remote area, it’s a good way to make your water safe. It is important since it’s one way to get rid of diseases that are caused by water and that affect the health of an individual.

Boiling water may also give countless of benefits no only when it comes to health of people, yet to other aspects of one’s life.

Boiling water can kill bacteria(Source), worms, and viruses that can be found in any water sources in the wilderness.

The process of boiling is basically the simplest method that can remove and disinfect pathogens in the water. This may also take away toxic and harmful microorganism and some chemicals present in the water.

People don’t have to be well-skilled and experienced in this procedure since they just have to ready heating equipment and set the proper heating temperature to kill all harmful waterborne pathogens. Boiled water also increases energy and blood circulation in your body and enable your body system to function properly.

With the significance of boiling water before drinking, you can guarantee that people may acquire the healthy and best condition of their body as what they like. They’d be assured that the waterborne diseases that they’re worried for and afraid of are no longer present in the water you are drinking. It is always possible if you will consider boiling your water first before you consider drinking it.

Boiling water may be a time consuming process for some people who want to save time when outdoors. But, it can actually be a life saver and would ensure that you will have water that’s safe to drink and will keep you away from the diseases or any illnesses that can be caused from drinking unclean water.

Things You Need to Find Water to Boil

There are several things you may use to boil water. The basic equipment you should have includes:

  • Shovel or Plastic Trowel – Go to a far place when you want to bury you feces. It should be at least two hundred feet from your water source and must be foot deep. Doing this will keep the germs out of the water. A small shovel may also help you dig some water.
  • Hand Sanitizer – Like what people say, prevention is always effective than cure. The most typical pathogens in the water are bacteria that live in feces. You have to worry about contamination and you may use hand sanitizer to keep your hands clean.
  • Rubber Hose – If you will be travelling through several places where water may be hard to find, a rubber hose will help you draw this from hard to reach sources.
  • Water Bottle – An unpainted, plain, unlined, and uncoated aluminum water bottle is never a bad option as it works best. It doesn’t only carry water, yet you may also boil water in this. Carry a big container for your needs.

How Long You Have to Boil Water For Safe Drinking?

Most of you might wonder if how long you should boil water to kill all the harmful microorganisms it has.

Well, it has been a debated topic in the community of survivalists for a long period of time.  Others say that the water isn’t safe to drink until it reached rolling boil while some say 1 minute of boiling the water (Source) will make it safe for drinking. If you only have access to limited water source, you do not want this evaporating, in terms of survival; you have to manage all your resources properly.

If your source of fire is the fuel burner, extra time spent on boiling would just waste your time. So, make sure to follow what experts recommend when boiling water to make most of your resources.

Whenever you run out of water in the wilderness and you’re left with the water from the river, lake or waterfalls, make sure to boil it first before you drink it or use it for cooking. In this way, you can be assured that the water is safe and does not contain any contaminants that could affect your health while you are camping or hiking.

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