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A Detailed Guide to Planning the Ultimate Camping Vacation

You will probably already be fully aware of the basically limitless benefits of spending more time in the great outdoors, both in terms of improving how physically fit and healthy you are and in the context of your emotional wellbeing.

Discover the boundless benefits of outdoor living in our detailed guide. Plan your ultimate camping vacation with tips on location, activities, reservations, and more. Unleash the adventurer in you!

When searching for an affordable, yet sure-to-be memorable, destination for your next family vacation, focusing your time on looking for a camping, caravan or RV site to base yourselves while you explore the natural world around you.

In an effort to help you plan the ultimate camping trip, continue reading for a detailed guide.

Pick Your Location Based on the Surrounding Activities

Obviously, the location of the campsite you eventually choose is important. Whether you prefer a beach and coastal scene, or a more wild and rural forest experience, you also need to look at the available activities in that area.

If you are heading on vacation with your whole family, particularly with young children, in tow, then you need to source fun and affordable days out that are still fully in-keeping with the natural and practical nature of a camping vacation.

Conversely, if you are organizing a trip with your friends, then local bars in and around the campsite area, as well as local restaurants may be a vital component of a more romantic, intimate, and less exploratory camping trip. Or if you are out hiking, you can pick a direction and fall into the first place you come across for a truly random adventure.

Always Reserve Your Pitch!

Next, even though it can be fun and fancy-free to not have anything pre-booked and simply move from site to site every few days, this can go from an exciting adventure to having to sleep in your car in a short time.

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Especially if you are intending on vacationing during the peak season, it is essential to pre-book your pitch, and reserving your campsite is the fundamental tip for any organized camper. As previously mentioned, if there are specific activities you and your family are desperate to partake in, you should also make reservations for these too.

For areas of natural beauty, and indeed, if you are choosing to book a pitch in a protected ecosystem, then you should also bear in mind that there are often restrictions as to the number of tent spots available and the number of people allowed in one pitch.

Finally, on the matter of reservations, for those planning elaborate, day-long hikes, then you should also check to see if you are required to apply for a hiking permit, as in the case of the following specific locations:

Tips for Taking Your Dog Camping with You!

As a devoted dog owner and especially if you are planning an extended camping vacation, there will be no question in your mind of taking your dog with you.

Now, obviously, running through the forest, playing in the lakes, and generally spending every waking minute outside is your dog’s absolute dream, and there is no reason why taking him along would be a problem.

For your dog’s health and safety and, of course, your own peace of mind, make time to arrange a wellness appointment with an established and respected veterinary surgery, such as saltwateranimalhospital.com, to ensure they will be happy and healthy throughout the trip.

In addition, be sure to pack the doggie essentials:

  1. Tick & Flea Remover
  2. Towels
  3. Poop Bags
  4. Portable Water & Food Bowls
  5. Food & Treats
  6. Collar, Leads & ID Tags
  7. Dog First Aid Kit
  8. Portable Cage
  9. Favorite Toys & Blankets

Think Carefully About Food & Drink

For people who have the luxury of not having to worry about vacationing on a budget, it may be easier and even more enjoyable to dine out every evening and grab food on the go for lunches.

However, for large families of campers and other bigger groups, it will be much more in-keeping with the ‘roughing it’ theme to cook around the campfire (at least some of the nights), and to make this work, food preparation is essential.

The beauty of making your own meals when camping is that you can choose to be as simple and plain, or indeed as exotic and adventurous, as you like with the food you choose to prepare and cook.

There are several methods for cooking when camping, with one of the easiest being using a Dutch Oven, which is a one-pot solution for cooking large meals. If you decide on the Dutch Oven, ensure you always coat the interior with olive oil, refrain from washing the pot with soap, and always lift the lid carefully when serving, to avoid ash falling into the food.

Other popular methods of campfire cooking include cooking on campfire coals and using a plain and simple camping stove.

Stay Warm & Cozy at Night

Finally, after a fabulous day making new and exciting memories with your family and enjoying a meal around the campfire, when it is time to retire to bed, staying warm is of optimum priority.

Now, if you have chosen to vacation in the hot summer, then keeping cool through the early hours is probably more of a priority, but when you want to stay warm, there are important items you need to remember to pack.

One of the most crucial things to remember is to layer blankets on top of your sleeping bag and layer throws underneath you, too, as the floor is likely to make you much colder as you sleep than the air in the tent itself.

Always shake your sleeping bag before you climb inside, as this will help with insulation, and even though it feels natural to bury your head inside the bag, sleeping with your face outside of the sleeping bag will help to enclose the warmth.

Finally, you can even follow this simple yet effective hack of tucking hand warmers into your sleeping bag when it is time to go to bed.

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