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4 Ways to Keep You Warm in Cold Weather Camping

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There is nothing like the scenes of pine trees, clear sky speckled with shiny stars, and mountains covered with snow. Unfortunately, the mighty sights can make up a miserable night in cold weather or freezing conditions. Hence, I have mentioned a few useful ways to ace your cold-weather camping game successfully. Keep yourself warm, comfortable, and cozy by employing this ultimate guide:

How to keep warm in cold weather camping

Carry a Hot Water Bottle

It is wise to keep a hot water bottle with you while go camping in extreme cold season. Put the water bottle in your sleeping bag to make you feel warm, cozy, and relaxed for hours during the night. You get to sleep soundly at night, and you wake up all fresh and ready to conquer another day in the cold mountains.

When it’s freezing cold in your tent, you can fill up the plastic or leather bottle with boiling water and wrap the layers around it to place on your legs, feet, or shoulders.

Take-Along Extra-Warm Sleeping Bag

If you are someone who gets extremely cold, then you should invest in reliable sleeping bags. Spend some bucks on the extra-warm sleeping bags based on temperature ratings of a specified destination. You don’t need to find comfortable bags; instead, make sure that the bag is functional to work in cold weather.

Get a bag from the expectation of 15-degree to 0-degree night temperature. These days many women-specific sleeping bags are available in the market that have a lot of potential benefits to offer. For instance, it comes with extra insulation in the upper and feet body parts. They have fewer air pockets to provide needed heat up in the tent.

Always Set Up a Sturdy Tent

Before you set up your tent, it is advised to pack down the loose snow from the ground. Otherwise, it will meltdown and make you feel uncomfortable while sleeping. Walk around with snow boots to stay away from snowflakes.

Understandably, the cold-weather camping is worth it, but setting up the first choice tent is essential anywhere you go. The insulated tents are best-suitable under all the weather conditions. If you are an enthusiastic vacationer, then you must invest in the best winter tent to keep you warm under harsh winter weather zone.

Wear Fleece PJ’s In Bed to Stay Comfy

What to wear in bed when you are camping? The answer is very straight and simple, go for fleece nightwear. Never go camping without taking fleece PJ’s.

I know that they are not the stylish ones, but fleece help you feel warm and comfy during winter weather. Also, wear zip-up hoody on top. It will nicely cover your shoulders, neck, and head. The thick pair of woolen bed socks are great when it comes to dressing properly for bed.

At night, you don’t have to be stylish and all glammed up, rather wear something that can protect you against winter sickness.

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