How to Create the Best Truck Camping Setup

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Regardless whether you are a professional camper or just backpacking for the first time after having it in your bucket list for years, camping in the back of a truck is the most thrilling escapade you can experience. You experience the freedom to go anywhere you please, sleep at any destination of your choice and at the same time save money.

After all, a road trip should not be costly. Camping in your truck should be as expensive or cheap as you want it to be. You can fit your truck with the latest gadgets and camping gears or go for essential camping items.

In this article, we will look at all the areas to consider to make camping in a pick-up truck comfortable. We’ll talk about:

  • Truck camping set-up
  • Sleeping arrangement
  • Camping hygiene
  • Stay safe
  • Truck camping tips and tricks

Truck Camping Setup

An essential step for successful camping is figuring out how to make your truck bed into a proper habitable place. If you are confident with your DIY capabilities, you can construct a sleeping platform and some storage space. However, you can move things out of the way and create a sleeping space. Here are some ideas of enjoying your sleep while you are out a pickup truck camping:

Canopy camper

A canopy is a cheap truck mod that you set up in the truck bed. You can acquire a brand new one or second hand and install it at the back of your truck to cover your truck bed. The truck canopy also provides small and secure room to camp at the back of your truck.

Truck bed camping

In truck bed camping, you need to invest in a truck camper. You take your rest under the camp and store your camping accessories in the back of your truck.

Pop-up camper

A pop-up camper works as a canopy or truck bed tent but with more room making it expensive than both. It is dense and durable than both the truck tent and canopy.

Overland tent

An overland tent resembles a rooftop tent. It is also similar to a pop-up camper since in both methods you sleep above your truck.

Sleeping in your truck camp

This method is simple as you do not spend on camping accessories. You close the doors and lean your truck’s backseat backwards.

Sleeping Arrangement

Before you think about bed sheets, pillows or air mattresses, how satisfactorily lined and protected is the back of your truck? For comfort, you should install a bed liner in your camping truck. A bed liner gives your truck back insulation that protects against mildew and mold. You can also fit a water-resistant carpet or have one designed according to your vehicle model.

Truck Bed Sleeping

Bed liners also give your truck back an anti-skid surface to prevent goods from moving while on transit. To get the right sleeping pad to place below your sleeping bag, you can either use an air mattress, a tripod mattress or a regular foam pad.

Finally, do not leave behind your pillow. It is one of the easily forgotten items, but very important. Always carry a familiar pillow to give a sense of comfort at night, just like in your comfy bed at home.

Camping Hygiene

If you have never been on a camping trip, you may wonder how campers handle showers. All the same, you should not expect a five-star warm bath in a truck camping set-up. The best method is always to keep it simple. You can use scent-free wipes to wipe down your body and every few days lather key areas with soap and rinse with a jug of water.

If you are looking for a better cleaning experience, you can get a portable gravity shower. It would help if you also carried enough toiletries as you will still go to the bathroom.

Stay safe

In every pick-up, truck camping, safety, and privacy are a priority. Make sure that your truck camping set-up is safe and keeping within the rules and regulations of the forest service. It is crucial for your well being and protection.

Before you leave your camping place, make sure that all bolts and nuts are well fastened on all the fixtures that you have added on your truck. Also, do not suspend excess weight on the ceiling of your canopy as it can ruin your canopy or be a safety hazard.

Your first aid kit should always be up-to-date. Small cuts and grazes happen, and it is crucial to handle them on the spot. Still never miss iodine, pain killers, gauzes and some band-aids as essentials in your kit items.

Store all the flammable substances such as fuel canisters, camping stoves and lanterns away from blankets and linens. Check all flammable items before retiring to bed. To be on the safe side, always have a fire extinguisher while camping out of your truck.

Truck Camping Tips and Tricks

So, you know how to set up your truck, sorted your sleeping arrangement and how to keep fresh while camping out of a truck. To make this camping experience more successful, here are some few hacks to aid you along the way:

  • Carry a portable power station.
  • Carry a portable washing machine or wash your clothes in a garbage bag.
  • Use biodegradable wet wipes for your hair and face to save on water.
  • Carry bug netting, itch relief creams and insect repellent to fight mosquitoes and other bugs.
  • Use duct tape to fix tears, seal food packages, marking trails, and fixing glasses.
  • Always bring the best camp chair.

Final Thought

To make camping out of your truck entertaining and memorable, find outdoor activities that will keep you busy such as cycling, fishing or hiking. While not for everybody, campers agree that car camping is the best vacation you can gift yourself. What’s there to hate about saving money, connecting with nature, exploring the beautiful natural sceneries and having the freedom of space and time when camping in a truck?

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