How To Go Trekking During Winter?

Trekking during winter is a little bit different, and some find it quite hard. But if you want to enjoy trekking during winter days, here follows what you should do and remember and during the hike.

Wear thick but comfortable attire

Because its winter, you need to wear jackets gloves, winter shoes and so on, to keep you warm. Make sure that what you a comfortable one that you can still walk or move around freely. One will surely prevent you from getting frozen.

Have a safety gear

Maps, first aid kits, headlamps, compass and more are some of the essential equipment that you should have along during the trek. This will also serve and save during times of unusual events. These safety gears are applicable in whatever season you want to go hiking. But most especially during winter, never forget about, thus safety gear like the compass and map. Because this will also guide you to the path that you should go when the snow covers the way for you.

Have a weather check

To keep you and your group safe, make sure to have a weather check first if it is good in the area or mountain to go on hike. Since it is winter, you also need to check if the snow is not that heavy and if the area is safe to undergo trekking.

Make sure that someone in your group knows the place

Even though you want to enjoy the beauty if nature, your safety is the most priority. If you’re going to go on a trek, make sure that you tag an experienced friend or someone who knows the place well. This is also to prevent someone from being in danger during the hikes.

Have food and drink

To keep you energized, you must have some food along with you especially if the trek will take long. It could be chocolates, nuts and so on that will not put you too much weight to carry. Also, you need to bring water to keep you hydrated. Even though you will not drink too much because of the cold weather, you shouldn’t miss bringing one.


Trekking during winter is not that quite advisable because of the snow. But if you want to go on a trip with this season and have a little challenge, make sure that you have the proper gear such as tools and knowledge on the place that you want to hike.

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