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What Clothes to Wear for Trekking?

When we are going on trekking, we need to choose clothes which depend on the conditions of the place. It will help us to take care of ourselves, so we will have fun on our new journey with our friends or family. Here are the things that we should keep in mind to ensure that we will have the best moment in trekking:

hikers on path with trekking poles

No denim jeans or “I love to hike” cotton tees

It is not a good idea to wear this type of clothes since cotton can store the water, so we will keep on sweating that can make us feel over fatigue since we can feel the hot temperature that can irritate our skin.

Polyester, Nylon or Merino wool

All of these materials have a good reputation because of its excellent features, such as sweat off our skin and can quickly dry our skin. It can help to lessen the tendency that we will feel not feel the heat from the sun to ensure that we can manage how far we go with a smile on our face.

Dense Base Layers if you plan on hiking in warm weather

We can wear long underwear if the place has cold weather. However, it is not appropriate to wear when we go to the woods during the summer.

Wear the right thickness of thermal underwear weather

The thermal underwear has the features which come in light, mid, and expedition weight. If we are planning to go to the stay longer to the place that has a low temperature, we need to choose the more massive underwear to survive in the cold winter.

Dress in Layers

We must keep in mind that layering has an essential role to the cold weathering hiking. When we are going to warm up, it is allowed the remove the other layers to ensure that there will be no overheating that may happen. We can also put it back to warm us when it is too cold again.

Stick with Short Sleeves and Shorts when Hiking in Hot Weather

Our skin needs to breathe, that is why when our body suffers from overheating, it can cause a variety of health problems. It is the reason that some people prefer to wear skirts or kilts to ensure that there will be more ventilation.

Purchase a Jacket with Water-Resistant Exterior

Rest assured that we will remain dry when we wear our water-resistant jacket whenever it rains to keep ongoing. It can also help to make sure that there will be no hindrance to our trekking. We will not be able to catch a cold because our body is dry.


In hiking, we also need to provide our foot with a protection by wearing hiking boots. It is efficient, so we will not be bite by the snakes and stomp into the thorns. Also, it can help us to keep on trekking since we can walk into the high and low scope.

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