When it comes to hanging hammocks, it’s been always a debate about whether to use raw ropes or tree straps. Well, it actually depends on your preferences or needs. If you’re used to hanging hammocks with ropes, you can do so and if you like tree straps, you may use it as well. However, you have to remember that both have pros and cons. So, make sure to be aware of those things to avoid any inconvenience.

Tree Straps

These are a great alternative to hang hammocks from trees. Tree straps prevent possible damage that result from installing hooks into your tree and enable you to move hammocks easily. Before you install tree straps, you have to find 2 trees that are with proper distance. If you’re not sure which distance is good for your hammock, you can check a chart about hanging distance. If you know which of the trees from you’re going to hang hammocks, wrap every strap around the first tree. When it’s already wrapped around the tree, place a ring through its end with a loop in the strap as well as pull until it’s snug. You should also wrap the strap around trees once more. Repeat the procedure for the second tree and once done, it’s time for you to relax.

Raw Ropes

Ropes are made from the natural fibers, which are typically light brown. It can be also made from synthetic fibers like polypropylene or nylon. The nylon ropes stretch like rubber bands when under the strain up to 40% of its length depending on the imposed weight. This only means that even though your hammock is tightly pulled, it’ll sag as the user’s weight stretches the rope. On contrary, natural fibers swell whenever it’s wet. The reason behind it is that natural fiber ropes absorb water, which results to swelling. Swollen fibers would cause ropes to tighten up by about ten percent. It just means that once you use natural fiber ropes, hammocks are stretched a bit during an inclement weather.

Which is Better Between Raw Ropes and Tree Straps for Hammock?

Ropes are used by many hammock users because they weigh less than the tree straps and cost lesser. Rope system is also more versatile compared to a strap system. Ropes offer an increased adjustability and may be used as well for a variety of some multi-use needs in a lot of kids of survival situations you might encounter outdoors. But, there are also some who recommend tree straps because they are durable and much easier to use. Aside from that, it doesn’t cause damage to the trees. Yet, the choice is always yours. Just ensure that regardless of what you use for hanging your hammocks, always see to it that the trees have strong bark and healthy.

You can buy raw ropes and tree straps online. But, before you choose any of these options, always check for the quality of the products to ensure that you will experience peace of mind and convenience during your hammock camping.