Top 17 Uses of Paracord for Survival

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Have you ever wondered why your outdoor pack or survival kit needs to include a paracord or rope in the first place?

Well, you might think of a paracord as yet another ordinary tool, but the truth is, it can perform many functions and purposes, some of which might not have even crossed your mind.

Check out the top 19 uses of paracord for survival so you can make the most out of it on your next outdoor adventure:

Building a Shelter

A paracord could be used for securing stick bundles and making roofing and walls for shelter.


During survival situations, it is a must to move as efficiently and quickly as possible, and there are instances when it can involve conquering a cliff or steep hill. A rope allows a safe rappelling when required with the use of proper technique.

Rappelling using paracord


You can use your paracord to strap items and tools to your clothing or backpack so that you can carry more items while keeping your hands completely free.

Raft Building

In case you have to travel downstream or cross a river, using a rope significantly increases the ease of building a useful and effective flotation vessel.

Trip Wire

Preparing a trip wire with rocks, bells, or can will be able to alert you or ward off any animal threats such as wolves or bears.

Food Line

You can hang up your food so that you don’t lose them to bears and other similar wild animals.

Clothing Line

Keep your clothes dry after crossing a body of water or heavy rain by putting them on a clothing line made from paracord.

Dry clothes using paracords


In case you are wounded or cut, a rope will help stop any serious bleeding if required.

Tourniquet with paracord

Fishing Net

You can use thin stands for making a small fishing net which could be helpful for catching fish you can eat for your meals.

Animal Snare or Trap

Catch some prey with the use of a snare or trap.

snare traps using paracord

Pulley System

There are instances when you have to move heavy or large objects, and rigging some sort of pulley system could be the safest and even the most effective way for doing so.


Bola is one kind of weapon you can use for catching large birds and other animals you can have as food.

Create bola with paracord

Tying Down

Use your paracord for securing your shelter, items, rafts, and others through tying these down to avoid having them swept away by water or blown away by gusts of strong winds.

Starting Fire

Make a bow drill to ignite a friction fire.

Suspenders or Belt

If your pants are loose, you can fix it with the use of a paracord as a belt alternative.

belts and suspenders using paracord

Zipper Pull

You can tie a tiny knot through the zipper to make it easier to pull up.

Shoe Laces

Pull out a few strands if the rope is thick to replace your broken shoelaces.

Use paracord for shoe laces

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