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Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Paracord Bracelet

[no_toc]Paracord bracelet is actually a bracelet that’s woven out of paracord. It is also referred to as a survival bracelet, parachute cord bracelet, 550 cord bracelet, and considered as an important survival tool.

These bracelets are worn by the campers, climbers, hikers, survivalists or anybody who loves outdoors. Such bracelets are handy in emergency or survival situations. The cord is made up of seven inner strands that each contains three inner strands that give you lots of cord to play with.

Once you gut cord inside out and tie this together with the use of the square knot, you will get hundreds of feet of cord that can be used for sewing, fishing, building a shelter, and so much more.

These paracord bracelets are also ideal for anybody who could find themselves in survival situations. Typically made with side release buckle, such bracelets can be very fashionable. However, they can be made also with shackles, simple loop and knot or whistle buckle. With the use of whistle buckle as the connection piece for the paracord bracelet, it is a big plus.

If in survival mode or lost, making noise should be a priority to get help.

Paracord bracelets are very handy. In fact, you can carry 10 to 15 feet of this around you wrist. That is the reason why these bracelets are great survival tools and with their affordability and versatility, you can surely save your life with these.

How to Use Paracord Bracelets to Save Your Life

Building a Fire

If it is cold outside or if you want to boil water and cook food, you will have to build a fire. Paracord bracelets can be used for making the bow to start a fire. Flexible rope would make it simpler for you to move bow. If you do not have matches or some means to start a fire, the bow drill is no doubt a great option.

Constructing Shelters

If you are stranded somewhere outside in extreme weather, you will have to build your own shelter as soon as possible. Paracord bracelets may be used to create a sturdy shelter. You may use this to tie a tarp to the trees, stake blanket or tarp to the ground and lash branches together. It can also be used for securing a door into a shelter.

Going Fishing

If you want to survive somewhere with water, you must consider fishing to get some food. A stick, paracord, and hook fashioned from a paperclip or bone is all you need to make the fishing pole. You may also make the fishing basket or net with paracord bracelet.

Constructing a Raft

If you want to construct a raft to get off an island and go fishing for food, paracord bracelets may be used for tying branches together. These ensure that the raft will not break apart while you are floating in deep water. You may also use paracord bracelets to secure the raft to the tree when you aren’t using this.

Give First Aid

Tourniquets are basically one way paracord, which may be used in medical emergency. You may use this to fashion a sling if you have an injured shoulder, wrist or arm. Rolled up towel or shirt and paracord bracelets may secure the body’s injured limb to prevent injuries. It may also be used for making a splint for legs. You may use some strands for securing 2 branches to the leg for it to be straight. If somebody has a wound yet you do not have any tape, paracord bracelets may be used for securing bandage to one’s wound.

Stop Bleeding

The injuries will be a part of survival scenario. You cannot expect to go unscathed, yet you may expect to be the doctor of your own. If somebody in your group or you suffer from a traumatic injury, you might require a tourniquet to save your life and paracord bracelets are a simple and quick way to make one. Just make sure to put some kind of padding beneath paracord bracelets, otherwise, an injured individual might end up losing limbs.

Carry More Things

If you do not have a backpack or you have a full backpack, you may use paracord bracelets to tie things to your pack or body. You may use a strand for tying a flashlight or some gear to your belt.

Stay Dry

You may use paracord bracelets when tying plastic bags around your shoes to keep those dry once you’re walking through rain and snow. You should do what you could to keep your feet always dry. You might also use paracord bracelets to secure the garbage bag you are wearing as poncho. It’ll keep poncho snug on your body as well as block rain to get in.

Set Up the Trip Wire

Paracord bracelets may be used for setting up a trip wire around the camp. It would offer you a safe zone in the perimeter. You may attach the empty cans or bells to the wire. If beast or man crosses the paracord, you’ll have an opportunity to prepare for intruders.

Make Traps

Paracord bracelets are good for making snares or traps to hunt small and big game. There are numerous kinds of traps and snares, yet majority of them need some type of cordage. If you’re hunting big game, you’ll have the paracord bracelet’s strength to keep the game contained.

Move Some Heavy Things

Paracord bracelets are durable enough to pull something that’s heavy including a log to your camp. You might also use this to make a pulley system to lift logs or big rocks out of the way. With the pulley system, you may create a shelter that’s more durable compared to the ones with branches that lean against one another.

Paracord bracelets may be used in different ways. Many of these could save your life. However, even though such bracelets does not save your life, it could still make life during an emergency a lot easier. Possibilities are endless. Paracord bracelets are very lightweight and can be packed away easily.

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