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10 Survival Foods That Last Forever

[no_toc]In terms of natural disasters that could keep you from getting basic foods or when you are lost in the midst of wilderness and need food supplies that last long, you need to think of buying non-perishable items that will not expire for half a year. These items that you can buy and that would almost never go bad are as follows:


These are often used in long sea voyages, land migration, and military campaigns. These are made from salt, water, and flour. They’re cheap and long last, making them as a good survival food. For tastier and better meals, dip these in a warm powdered milk for an hour and add honey or sugar.

Survival Foods That Last Forever

Dried Beans

These appear to be edible and contain nutritive qualities even after thirty years. They’re also a good protein source even after several years.

Bottled Water

FDA claims that bottled water is good to consume regardless if it changes its appearance or taste. Just be careful when storing this. It should not be under direct sunlight and must be away from gasoline and pesticides.


A can of mustard that’s unopened may last for 3 years and goes bad 1 to 2 years once you open this. According to a study, mustard is a good metabolism booster, so you should keep this on your shopping list.

Dried Pasta

Make sure to keep it from insects and moisture for it to last long. The best thing about this is that it’s simple to prepare and may contain egg, flour, rice, buckwheat, and more, offering lots of energy and carbs. Adding canned tuna and soy sauce to your pasta can make a delicious plate of meal.

White Vinegar

This item is something you can use not just for cooking, but also for cleaning. It doesn’t go bad and may help you preserve foods. You can even use this as a deodorizer and antiseptic.

Chia Seeds

Store these in a container that’s airtight. These seeds are safe to eat for a year. They can be a good source of fiber, omega 3, and amino acids. Spread these in your honey, then add vanilla to make a nutritious desert.

Stock Cubes

Purchase lots of these and cook soup with your dried pasta and you will get yourself a tasty meal. Never forget to put cubes in airtight containers for the reason that they might go bad in their packaging.


This item has an infinite life and what makes it even beneficial for someone like you who love outdoor adventures is that it contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. It’s also a good source of calories and a must have in your own survival kit.

Tuna Cans

Canned foods with low acid including fish, meat, and vegetables may last for five years and remain fresh. If can isn’t damaged, it is very safe to eat this. In terms of surviving, these are a good source of moist foods.

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