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Difference Between Sleeping Bag and Quilt

Backpackers know how amazing it feels to sleep under the stars and watch as the sky turns into different colors when as day turns to night and night turns to day again. However, for you to truly enjoy the whole experience, you will need comfortable sleeping quarters. And for backpackers, the choice comes down to either a quilt or a sleeping bag.

These two both have their own share of good and bad sides, and being familiar with these is the key to help you choose the right one for you and your needs.

Key Differences between Quilt and Sleeping Bag

A lot of people assume that a quilt is just a different kind of sleeping bag. Well, this is true in a sense. Makers of quilts took a sleeping bag and removed all those which are not necessary. This means that unlike sleeping bags, quilts lack the insulation found under a sleeping bag. Although it might seem like an important feature, remember that what you really need for effective insulation is the air trapped in and around.

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Quilts also don’t have a zipper and mummy hood. It means that they have open bottoms which make quilts more versatile compared to traditional sleeping bags, not to mention that they can serve the dual purpose of acting as a blanket. However, the key difference lies in the fact that a quilt will only cover the top part of the body.

Pros of Sleeping Bags

There are several undeniable benefits associated with sleeping bags, particularly when you tend to wiggle a lot while sleeping or when you are backpacking in place with cooler evenings. The tube design of these bags is resistant to the air drafts while the mummy hood can help in cold weather conditions.

It is easily easier to set up sleeping bag and it combines the feelings of both warmth and security with the use of a clever and simple design.

Cons of Sleeping Bags

The only notable downside of sleeping bags is that these are often heavy. They can also restrict your movements, which might not be advisable when you need to move and get up quickly. Sleeping bags are also a bit pricey and they take up lots of space, both when set up and when stored in your pack.

Pros of Quilts

Quilts are preferred by many people due to several reasons. First, these are lighter compared to traditional sleeping bags. When you often go on backpacking trips, the weight you carry in your backpack is among the most important things you have to consider. If quilts are lighter but still serve their purpose, then, you don’t have to go for a heavier alternative. Quality quilt can also offer the same warmth like sleeping bag. You also get more freedom when moving. Quilts are also more affordable, take up lesser space, and the absence of hood keeps your outside to avoid moisture and respiration buildup.

Cons of Quilts

Just remember that quilts are far from being perfect. In colder climates, the lack of hood might be a problem as well as the possibility of letting draft it. However, both issues can be easily solved by choosing a good quilt that keeps draft from entering and wearing a beanie on cooler weather.

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