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NEMO Galaxi 2P Review

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Those with a love of the great outdoors very rarely want to restrict themselves when it comes to how they adventure and explore outside.

At the same time, most people do not want to have half a dozen different kinds of tents – and half a dozen kinds of other pieces of critical gear – just to accommodate a specific type of trip they may take only a handful of times each year.

Thankfully, the NEMO Galaxi 2 tent is very much a multipurpose solution that works wonders for those that want to camp out of their vehicle as well as those that want to do a bit of minimalistic backpacking as well. There aren’t a lot of tents that can do double duty like this, particularly in the minimalist camping space, but the NEMO Galaxi 2 really knocks it out of the park.

Let’s dig into this quick review to learn more!

Source: nemoequipment.com

Initial Impressions

While not exactly a “ultralight” the way that some of the most impressive technical backpacking tents are these days, the NEMO Galaxi 2 definitely isn’t as heavy as some of the more traditional tents you find sold to recreational campers that might go only two or three times every year.

Very spacious – VERY spacious – and almost unbelievably durable, this is a comfortable and easy to set up tent that isn’t going to break your bank account into tiny pieces, either. Filled with a couple of key “creature comfort” style features that will really impress (like a stargazing retractable fly, modern design, and almost effortless set up configuration) this is one of the best tents for entry-level adventurers that want something that works in most situations.

Source: nemoequipment.com

One of the coolest things about this tent is that it happens to have a pre-bent pole structure right out of the box which means that it is going to be set up with vertical walls that maximize your interior space quite a bit. There are two individual side doors that have a rather unique shape about them, but they are easy and efficient to get into and to get out and do a great job at keeping out water and moisture.

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They also make it easy for anybody in the tent to get out of it in the middle of the night without having to worry about crawling over people and potentially waking them up.

Standout Features

Both doors have two different 11 square-foot vestibules that give folks plenty of room to store their pack and to store their shoes. Overhead light diffusers, fly zipper events, and magnetic door ties are included as standard features as well – and the included footprint of sticky by groundwater and moisture as well.

As far as setup is concerned, all of the pre-bent poles are designed to be snapped into a singular hub that acts as the main point of the frame. One person operation and set up of this tent is pretty easy, but things really go quickly when you have at least two people to help you set the tent up right out-of-the-box.

Wind and weather are going to have a tough time getting into the NEMO Galaxi 2 tent, that’s for sure.

Not only has it been designed with the waterproof floor that runs fairly high up all sides of the walls, but it also has intelligently designed condensation ventilation, the vestibules that we mentioned above, and a very smartly designed rain and wind guard that acts as the roof of this tent as well.

The feature that adds a little bit of extra weight to this tent also helps it in the stability and durability department. 68 Denier is used in the 100% ripstop fly and everything else is made out of 75 Denier, with the custom fit footprint on the bottom of the tent made out of abrasion resistant material to protect it over the long haul.

Source: nemoequipment.com


The only real drawbacks that you might experience with this particular set up is the fact that it uses heavier weight materials that are going to add a little bit of extra bulk to your pack if you are backpacking and the fact that the pre-bent poles mean that you are going to have to tote these longer arms into the woods if you aren’t going to be “car camping”.

Aside from those issues, however, it’s really hard – REALLY hard – to find a lot to be upset about with this particular tent.

Smartly designed, simple to set up, and really comfortable in almost all situations you will appreciate everything that this tent brings to the table for sure.


  • Very spacious
  • Easy to set up
  • Good ventilation


  • Uses heavier materials

Final Verdict

One of the best things about the NEMO Galaxi 2 tent is that you aren’t going to have to spend a small fortune to get your hands on this piece of camping gear, either.

A lot of people are amazed at just how inexpensive it really is – particularly when you compare it to some of the other car camping and backpacking tents on the market today that have even just half of the features this one does.

Sure, it’s a little bit on the heavier side of things for traditional lightweight/minimalist backpackers but it isn’t like you’re going to be carrying around a Cadillac on your back, either. On top of that, that extra weight is intelligently focused in a handful of key areas – and if you cut corners in those areas you would have inevitably ended up with a much weaker and a much worse tent for sure.

Roomy, comfortable, and intelligently designed through and through, this is a great tent for those that are looking to splash just a little bit of cash upfront for a tent that should last years and years with no headache or hassle whatsoever.

This is a great first tent for people that want to explore and adventure and if you are going to be camping out of your car (or out of your canoe) this just might be the best tent on the market today at a price point that simply cannot be topped.

Check out the NEMO Galaxi 2 today.

NEMO Galaxi 2P (Birch Leaf Green) & Footprint
  • Designed for maximum livable space inside, using pre-bent poles and a smart and simple pole structure to increase interior volume
  • Two doors and two vestibules allows for easy access from both sides and ample gear storage
  • Roll-back fly feature allows views of the sky through the large mesh canopy, as well as helping to manage condensation and add breathability
  • Durable fabrics and quality hardware provide maximum value
  • Clever vents in the fly vestibule zippers keep air moving in a rainstorm

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