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How to Sleep in Hammock While Camping

Some of you might raise an eyebrow on this question. Like seriously, who needs advice on proper way of sleeping in a hammock?

Whether you believe it or not, you need advice for this, especially if this is the first time that you will be trying to sleep in a hammock. The truth is, there is a wrong and right way of sleeping in a hammock. For you to make the best out of sleeping in your hammock during your hammock camping, there are several things you have to consider.

Tips for a Proper Sleep in a Hammock

To have a proper sleep in your outdoor hammock during your hammock camping, you have to get yourself lying directly down at the center. Then, move your feet at 7 to 10 inches to one side until they sit lower than they used to.

The same procedure should be followed to make your upper body and head lower than they used to be. You have to be very careful not to do it to the opposite part of your body.

Through following these steps, you are now in a flat position in the hammock. The whole purpose behind this process is to have your body aligned at a 30 degree angle.

Remember that setting the hammock right is extremely crucial for you to have a comfortable rest and sleep in your hammock. You will also notice that the middle part of the hammock gets tight while its sides remain loose. Don’t worry as this is the right way to things.

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Most of the time, people find it hard to position themselves they set up their hammock the wrong way in the very first place. Putting your body right at the center of the hammock can make it take on your body’s curve. Meanwhile, moving the hammock to a 30 degree position will align it ideally with your body and offer you the highest level of comfort.

Set Up Your Hammock Properly to Have a Proper Sleep

Camping is often made fun if you will spice things up with well made hammocks made for outdoor use. In a place with trees, it will be easy for you to set up your hammock by simply tying it up between two trees. If you are in open grounds, it will be mandatory to use pinning poles. Make sure you have with you some sturdy poles which you can firmly install on the ground and ensure that you follow the proper steps to set up the outdoor hammock.

Modern hammocks have been designed to never spin or flip so there is no need to worry that you will fall while you sleep or move around. At the end of the day, your comfortable use will depend on the hammock’s width.

Double hammocks are suitable for people of slightly bigger sizes. When you belong to midsize range, single hammocks are going to work just fine.

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Enjoy Extra Comfort During Your Hammock Camping

Outdoor hammocks used for hammock camping are pretty much the same with sleeping bags. In fact, these are more preferable since they allow fresh air flow which is not something that you can expect from sleeping bags. Wearing warm clothes and adding a pillow to your hammock will make your sleep more peaceful. Never forget to always have with you a sleeping bag or blanket because the night might not end up as friendly as you thought it would be.

Hammocks are especially convenient for use in the tropics in which nights are always chilly. There is no need for added materials to stay warm. However, you have to ensure that you wrap up to stay away from mosquito bites and skin abrasion.

Secrets to Stay Warm in Your Hammock

During your hammock camping, it is imperative that you stay as warm as possible to enjoy. The use of an outdoor hammock alone will not ensure the best hammock camping experience.

Since the hammock leaves space beneath you as you sleep and also above you, people often find that draft is the culprit for a bit colder sleep in a hammock. This is specifically the case for those who go on hammock camping in the great outdoors. The best solution for this is to place some material between the fine cotton web and yourself.

For insulation, you can place a few padding on your hammock. If a hammock pad is not enough aside from sheets, blankets, and a sleeping bag, you can also try to put a buffer or sheet down the center of the bottom part of your hammock.

The buffer will be able to stop the breeze flowing beneath the hammock, which can then cut down on those cold drafts which can disturb your sleep at night.

As a hammock camper, you have to be equipped with the necessary materials to keep yourself warm. Here are some other tips to make sure that you will be on the proper track of staying warm during your hammock camping:

  • An important step is to pick the best warm area for your hammock camping. It is preferable to camp close to a windbreaker or in the center of a dense forest.
  • Bury yourself completely in mummy-style sleeping bag then wear some extra heavy clothes. Ensure that the hood is closed around your head.
  • The use of sleeping bag in cold environment can add an extra amount of warmth which can make you last through the night. Don’t forget to inflate the sleeping pad then lie on top of it to have the highest level of heat generation.
  • Prepare an emergency underquilt. Your blankets can serve this purpose well, and see to it that you get insulated from the harshness of winter. Tie the sheet’s corners to the end of your hammock and totally tuck your blanket inside.

These are the tips you can follow to sleep comfortable and properly during your hammock camping and enjoy peaceful and serene nights in the great outdoors.

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