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How to Shrink Neoprene Gloves?

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For the diving enthusiast, surfing fan, or avid biker, what completes the stylish and safe look of the athlete or hobbyist is the gloves. But not just   any gloves – you want neoprene material gloves of course! Neoprene is a wondrous synthetic, waterproof rubber with a warming effect. But despite it being an amazing material for sporting gloves, sometimes it gets a little too big for your needs.

How to Shrink Neoprene Gloves

Reasons include an overestimation of your hand size when you bought it or maybe, you just want to hand it down to your kids or younger nieces and nephews who want to get into diving. It would be a hassle to return the things or just throw them away. But no worries! Here are some easy and cost-effective ways on how to shrink neoprene gloves.

For kids trying this out, it would be best to get the help of an adult.

Heat Is Your Best Friend

Neoprene is a relatively sturdy material. You can go through the trouble of cutting it up then re-sewing it, but that might ruin its quality and integrity. So, the best way to shrink it is using heat.

First off, you need to find out how much you want to shrink it. Your two options to fit your desired size are:

  1. Measure the exact or estimated dimensions of the hand you want to wear it on.
  2. This one must be done with caution! Keep the glove on while doing the process. For added safety, wear another set of latex or cloth gloves underneath the neoprene ones. Also get some cool water in a bucket nearby.

The reason for all this caution is because what you have to do is soak the glove in a bucket of hot but not boiling water for 10 seconds. If you’re worried it will do damage, no worries. The material is quite heat-resistant. Afterwards, you can dry it with a weak heat blowing appliance like a hair dryer. Hang it inside or outside your house and wait for about 24 hours. Voila! You’ve shrunk your neoprene gloves!

Don’t Go Overboard!

This process can usually shrink the gloves by 5% every time you do it. So if you need to shrink a few more centimeters from its diameter, just do it a few more times. To help control how much you want it to shrink, it would be best to dip the glove in the bucket of hot water up until around the wrist joint so you still have some allowance for the bulk of your hand to at least fit through the wearing hole.

It is known that neoprene material tends to shrink over time even without using this process. However, the shrinkage is only by a very small amount – in a matter of years. This occurs because the nitrogen gas that is a component of neoprene escapes over the lifespan of the material. Although a cheap way to shrink gloves of this material, it is not a particularly time efficient way.

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