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How to Backpack on a Budget

One of the most serious issues backpackers have to face is how they can cut cost while on the trail. After all, at the end of the day, how far out you will be able to travel as a backpacker is going to depend as to how fast you are using up your funds.

How to backpacking on a budget

5 Tips on How to Backpacking On a Budget

Here are some tips on backpacking on a budget to ensure that you will not be compromising your backpacking trip and the fun and enjoyment you get out of it.

Pack Light

While it is a fairly popular concept among most backpackers, only a few get to follow it. The weight and size of your backpack is going to cost you some cash, particularly when travelling by air. A good rule of thumb here is to ensure that the weight of your bag doesn’t go beyond the 17 to 20 pounds limit. For beginners, the secret to avoid overpacking is to choose color neutral clothing items like white, black, and others. Make sure that you just bring essentials with you.

Practice Flexibility with Your Ticket and Plans

If you ever experienced arriving late to your reserved hotel or missing your flight, you know how this can wreak havoc on your wallet. To stay away from such inconveniences, make sure you join a group of travelers or backpackers online. It gives you an accessible market for tickets nearing maturity and you can no longer use.

More is Cheaper

You can save some cash when you backpack with a group. Similar with clothes, majority of accommodations for backpackers have room for one or two more persons. Being able to share the price of accommodation will guarantee that there is no need for you to run out of money soon. It also applies for food items and some other items purchased in bulk. Numbers also offer security, not to mention that it makes your trip even more interesting.

Hitchhike When You Get the Chance

Mustering up the courage to hitchhike can go a really long way in saving your budget. But, before you do so, check if this is allowed in the place. Always stay neat and just steer the conversation towards general topics when you hitchhike.

Remember: You’re a Backpacker and Not a Tourist

Finally, don’t forget that you are not a tourist and your wallet is going to thank you for sure. While it might be tempting to ride the tourist buses or sleep at fancy hotels, all of these can make your trip more expensive. Even though it is possible to indulge in them, these might only limit your time in exploring your destination. Locals are by far the best guides and you can have a more authentic experience when you live amongst them.

These are just some of the tips to help you save your budget when you go backpacking. Unlike popular belief, you don’t have to spend much during a backpacking trip, and you don’t even need a large stash of cash just so you can embark on this unique journey.

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