How Difficult is Trekking in Nepal?

How Difficult Be Will It?

Hhow difficult will Trekking be in Nepal? Trekking in Nepal is not that difficult actually, but the trekkers and hikers still need to be averagely fit.

Trekking is no walk in some park, but having the right mindset, prepared physically, good gears, you will have the best trekking adventure in Nepal. Don’t forget that happiness is the point of your trek.

Enjoying the trekking adventure is the most important.

Why You Should Go?

I mean, why not? Did you know that before Trekking was named Trekking, there were industries where you can hike, and people were already doing it in Nepal? When you are in the Himalayas, you can’t get to a new village without following some awesome hiking trail.

This is one of the reasons why Nepal is called Trekking Mecca of the world. You can try climbing the Kilimanjaro or go Trekking in the W-Trek located in Patagonia, but you will not draw a comparison Trekking in Nepal. Nepal holds dozen of peaks that look just enthralling like Mount Everest.

You will see them all.

You will encounter the Kangchenjunga, the Makalu, the Cho Oyu, and many more. You will get to connect with nature. Flora and fauna from Nepal are also a massive draw factor while your trekking, not just the mountain peaks. There are 6500 plants, the flower, 2500 kinds of species of the vascular plants, and 130 species that are endemic from Nepal. Their national flower is a rhododendron, you will often see this plant when you hike in a part of the Annapurna Region.

You can also spot beautiful animals in Nepal like the musk deer, Himalayan black bear, or the one-horned rhinoceros, or even the Asiatic elephant, though you may not encounter elephants while you are trekking.

After all the best thing to say is to visit Nepal because it has a lot of wonderful views to offer and beautiful animals and plants, you will have a great time going around Nepal while you are Trekking because there are a lot of places where you can trek, so prepare for some awesome trekking!


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