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Hammock Buyers Guide: 7 Factors to consider

If you want to experience the highest level of relaxation, it is time to try sleeping and resting on a hammock.

Hammock Buyers Guide

Unfortunately, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which hammock to buy, especially if you have plans to go on hammock camping. With all the different styles and types of hammocks you can find in the market right now, it is not a secret that finding the ideal one to suit your needs can be time consuming and difficult.

There are 7 considerations and things to look for when you buy a hammock. Below is a short guide to help you find hammock for your needs that can be your perfect companion on your hammock camping adventures.


The weight of the hammock you will choose plays an important role in your decision making process. If this is the first time that you will be using a hammock, you might assume that a few extra ounces are not going to cause any problem. However, these extra ounces are going to weigh in on your shoulders every time you hike a mountain or travel on foot. Your bet is to look for a sturdy but lightweight hammock that you can comfortably pack into a tiny pouch. Unless you have finally decided to go for a much heavier hammock for any other reasons, it is recommended to choose a hammock with ultra light slings or a bigger size hammock that can accommodate two persons which is also ideal for outdoor use.


When the hammock you choose is not made from a durable material, you put yourself at risk of serious injury since hammocks of inferior quality tend to snap. Some customers have complained about hammocks that outright snapped because of the inability to bear the weight of the user. Hammocks of the best quality are made from durable materials such as polyester or parachute nylon that can resist weather effects and last for several years with proper care. See to it that you don’t compromise on the quality of fabric just to save a few bucks as you might end up suffering from serious body injuries that can take toll on your finances. Choose only trusted manufacturers with reputation for designing durable hammocks that offer the comfort and strength worthy of your money.


In general, it is said that there is a strong connection between comfort level and the width of the hammock. Bigger hammocks offer a snug feeling that you cannot find in smaller counterparts. Great support is a requirement in sleeping hammocks, and it is worth the investment to choose a wider version even if this seems like a bit extra. You can choose a double hammock with enough room for two more others, or you can use this to sleep alone by yourself for that extra snug and cozy feeling. Pick a hammock size based on how you intend to use it.


The hammock you choose will depend on the ability it has. However, you have to ask yourself first if you need a hammock for your solo travels, or one that can fit in another person. Double hammocks often have a bigger size and offer better comfort if used by one person alone. However, these hammocks tend to be heavier and might be tricky to carry during your extended trips. You have to be familiar with the weight limit of the hammock you are planning to buy. If you are travelling with a group, you can also opt for family sized hammocks.


hammock straps

It is impossible to buy a high quality hammock when you ignore the quality of the straps that come with it. After all, the hammock must be secured firmly to poles or trees for you to use it. Straps must have excellent strength for a strong support of your whole body weight while the hammock is tied to two points. These days, you can find unique quality straps being sold separately because of added benefit. You can always go only to check them out together with their prices and decide whether they are worthy or not. Whatever you do, never forget to double check the quality of the straps you will get. Failure to do so might make you put yourself at risk of suffering from injuries.


One of the advantage about hammocks is that there is no need for you to spend a fortune to get one for your next hammock camping trip. Many products that belong to reputed brands are available in pocket-friendly prices. While there are more expensive options that offer more space and better durability, many people don’t really need these items for their personal use. When you check online and browse the catalogs, you will find that price and popularity are strongly related. People always choose products that have durable quality and lower price tag, and it makes sense for you to search the same.

However, if you are planning to use your hammock a lot and you want it to last for several years, it makes perfect sense to go for a significant one-time investment instead of buying a new one every several years or so. Finding the perfect balance between quality and price must always be among your important considerations when searching for the right hammock for your hammock camping.


The purpose you have for using a hammock is what everything comes down to at the end of the day. Are you going to take it with you to the beach to enjoy straightforward and plain lounging, or will you need it for your hammock camping in the wilderness?

There are certain qualities which are better suited for various purposes, and keeping these in mind should be on top of your list. When you want a hammock for casual or indoor use, a hammock made from cotton will be good enough. However, when you need something stronger and more durable for your hammock camping adventures, what you need is something made from polyethene and parachute nylon fabrics.

Also, you might want to buy a hammock tarp or shelter for protection from weather elements and keep yourself protected from mosquitoes and bags during your hammock camping.

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