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Top 10 Duct Tape Uses as Ultimate Survival Tool

Aside from your year supply of water and food, do you also have your annual supply of duct tape?

Well, the only thing you should do is to do a quick search online and you’ll find out how essential this sticky tape is for a long term survival.

Things to Make out of Duct Tape as Survival Tool


Make a Sturdy Spear by taping your knife to a limb or a branch so you could throw it at fish and other animals.

Source: Prepared Society

Butterfly Strips

If your typical band-aid doesn’t work well on your small laceration, then consider cutting small strips or a duct tape and use these to pull across the wound for you to keep this closed. Apply a strip down its center and you will have a cool butterfly bandage.

Source: Primal Survivor


You will never know when you might require detaining someone in the woods. With your duct tape, you can make a good set of improvised, yet durable handcuffs.

Source: Patriot Direct

Splint Your Broken Leg

Your sprained or broken appendage can quickly immobilize you. However, with the use of rigid splint materials like a straight branch and some padding of duct tape, you can still protect your broken leg from further damage temporarily.

Source: Prepper Broadcasting

Repair Your Boots or Shoes

If your shoes have a hole or your hiking boots were damaged in the wilderness, you can quickly fix it with the use of duct tape. Just wrap your shoes with duct tape and you are good to go.

Source: reddit

Prevent Windows from Getting Damaged During Storms

You might not have a storm shutters to save your lovely windows during a storm, yet you may always place a duct tape on your window glass to prevent it from damages or shattering. This would keep the occupants safe.

Source: Youtube

Reseal Your Food Containers

If your containers for food storage are damaged or require proper sealing, applying duct tape can be of great help to keep the critters and weather out, making your food fresh always.

Improvised Sling Shot

Look for a piece of elastic band and wood. Duct tape your band to your stick. Search for some rocks and you are ready to kill some small animals or defend yourself from any possible harm if necessary.

Source: jakerockmobileunit.blogspot.com

Fix Your Leaky Tent

Duct tape isn’t just an ordinary tape that most of you think. If you are a survivalist and you use tents often, yet these were damaged due to some reasons, a duct tape can fix your leaky tent. Put duct tape on the holes and you can be assured that you will stay dry throughout your camping session.

Source: jakerockmobileunit.blogspot.com


It is important to stop massive bleeding. Consider making some wraps of about three to four inches above your laceration to stop the bleeding.

There are other things you can do with the duct tape for survival. What you should do is to have enough supply of duct tape and experiment on the other helpful ways to use it for your outdoor trips.

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