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Outdoor Activities to Awaken Your Inner Daredevil

At least once in your life, it’s fun to be a daredevil. Equipped with awesome looking gear, a death-defying stunt in mind, and the charisma that makes people cheer like crazy, you’d give anything in this world for that one chance. However, most individuals are stuck with the mundane routine of work, life, and stress that drains their energy into nothingness.

But, if you want to take a chance in life, and let your inner daredevil out, here are some outdoor activities that you may find interesting to try.

Mountain Uni-cycling (Mu-Ni)

Uni-cycling is already a bizarre stunt to learn, and what way to bring it up to a notch is to unicycle on a mountain. Enjoy the scenery, the breeze, and the adrenaline rush while riding your unicycle over the rocky mountain trails.

Source: wikimedia.org

If you want to try this out, make sure to have a customized mountain bike ready, one that is equipped with reliable hubs, mountain tires, strong brakes, and high-grip pedals.

Ocean Zorbing

Being placed inside a giant hamster ball sounds so much fun in theory but extremely exciting in practice. Ocean zorbing utilizes life-sized balls, a human willing to undergo a tiresome session of running or walking and being dumped in the ocean.

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To go in a specific direction, you must push the ball from the inside and run like a madman. Be wary, however, as ocean zorbing when pushed to the limit can cause you to run out of breath.


What do you get when you combine the technical skills of kayaking and the exhilarating fun of skydiving? You get the deadly yet awesome skyaking. With this death-defying outdoor activity, you jump out of a plane, skydive while inside a kayak, and hope for the best.

If you want to know more about this activity, look for Mile Daisher (the one who invented skyaking) and witness how he showcases his awesomeness.

Ice Canyoning

If climbing Mount Everest in sub-zero temperatures doesn’t excite you, maybe it’s time for a more insane take on ice and mountains. With ice canyoning, you go into a canyon, traverse through it with climbing techniques but, you get to deal with the icy trails, icicles and possible incidents of an avalanche. You can try your luck in the Alps, the canyons of Norway and Chile, or the Pyrenees.

Elliptical Biking

Who says you can’t merge fitness equipment into a unique contraption? With the ingenuity and curiosity of Dave Cornthwaite, elliptical biking is now made possible. Elliptical biking was born out of an elliptical trainer and a bike.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that you can travel to your work using this unique equipment and never have a dull day again.

Glacier Boarding

When it comes to a whole level of danger, glaciers are considered extreme. However, a boogie board can change all of this. Imagine sliding down a fun and curving water slide where the water can hit you anytime. Now, imagine all of these motions on a glacier.

Did that excite you? If it did, you could accompany canyon guides Claude-Alain Gailland and Gilles Janin on their next glacial boarding scheme. Just make sure to wear lots and lots of warm clothes and protective gear.

Extreme outdoor activities rely on a certain level of physical preparation, mind control, and emotional stability. Although there’s nothing wrong with chasing what’s exciting, fun, and unique, safety must always be a priority. If you think that the mentioned extreme outdoor activities aren’t for you, you can settle with the occasional biking, running, or even sailing.

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