camping with your dog

For most pet owners, dogs are not just pets as they are also members of the family.

This is why it is not uncommon to see people who have their furry companions with them whenever they go on a vacation, especially during camping trips.

To ensure that you and your four-legged camping buddy will have a wonderful time, here are 7 camping with your dog tips you must know before going camping with your dog:

Look for a Suitable Campsite

Boys Camping with their dog
Source: National Park Service

Before anything else, make sure you look for a pet-friendly campsite. The good news is that this is not really a problem because most campsites allow pets. In case there is no pet-friendly campsite near you, another option is backcountry camping.

Visit the Vet in Advance

Visit vet before going camping with dog
Source: Boulevard Vet

After securing a campsite site or planning your route in the backcountry, make sure your pet goes to see his vet. During the appointment, you can check if your canine is healthy enough for the adventure, and make sure that they have updated tick and flea medication. Tick bites could cause some long term health issues in your pet.

Prepare Your Pet’s Documents

Once your vet approves the trip, the next thing to do is prepare your pet’s documents.  See to it that your dog’s ID tags and license are both updated, and bring papers to verify his current vaccinations. All of these are essential if something happens during the trip.

Bring a First Aid Kit for Your Pet

RC Pet Products Pet First Aid Kit

Next, make sure you pack a first aid kit for your pet. You can buy this from pet supply shops or you can also prepare one on your own. Although there are a few overlap with first aid kits for humans, it is a must that you have a first aid book for pets where you will learn the right way of dealing with emergency cases like choking.

Don’t Forget Tether, Stake, and Leash

Even though your pet feels comfortable enough off-leash, don’t forget to bring a tether and stage or a leash with you. This way, when the campsite requires having your dog secured at your site, there is no need for you to hold his leash all the time. It is also important to carry a leash with you when you are far from your campsite if ever you are in a situation in which you have to secure your dog, such as the presence of a wild animal, or being in a leash-required area.

Bring Portable Food and Water Bowls

Collapsible Dog Bowl, 2 Pack Small Portable Dog Travel Bowl for Hiking Camping, Foldable Expandable Cup Dish Set for Pet Cat Service Dogs, Food Grade Silicone Bowl 2 Clips (Blue+Green)

It is a great idea to choose water and food bowls which you can easily carry with you while camping. If you will go on hikes, investing in a good set of collapsible bowls can also lighten your load and save space.

Remember the Poop Bags

Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags, 270 Extra Thick and Strong Poop Bags for Dogs, Guaranteed Leak-proof, Lavender-Scented, 18 Rolls, 15 Doggy Bags Per Roll, Each Dog Poop Bag Measures 9 x 13 Inches
Most people tend to forget about the poop bags when they pack for their camping trips. In the same way that you take your pet on walks at home, it is a must that you pick up after them during your camping adventure. This way, the trail stays clean for others, and you will also avoid visits from unwanted animals.

These are just some of the camping with your dog tips. Also read our post on Backpacking with Your Dog


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