Choosing the correct type of backpack is probably the most important thing you have to consider before setting off on your next hike. Of course, some might disagree, and claim that their boots, or their waterproof tent, matter more than what they carry on their backs.

However, if you have already spent a considerable amount of time hiking, you will surely appreciate buying and using the right type of backpack.
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Why Big Bags aren’t Always the Best Choice

When you have a big pack in tow, the tendency is for you to fill the urge to fill up those spaces and crannies. How about a bottle of wine that will snug up nicely in this pocket, or a coffee cake that you can enjoy for breakfast the next morning? All these thoughts are possible the moment you see how much space is still left in your somewhat huge backpack.

However, the moment you set out on the trail and walked a very short distance, you will start to realize how silly your thoughts were. For some, this realization leads to a short impromptu trailside indulge to give away their silly ideas. A large backpack will only promote this kind of dangerous thinking.

Small Backpacks are Not the Perfect Solution, Either

No one is unhappier than someone who has only come to realize that their backpack is too small. After all, who wants to discover that you no longer have any water left but you don’t have a water filter in your bag? The discovery that you’ve consumed all your water and you don’t have water filter, leaving the rain gear on the day that’s forecast to be fair as well as discovering that Adirondacks don’t respect forecast or discovering that darkness veil arrive quicker in mountains and you left headlamp at home. If you’re looking yourself rooting around fruitlessly in a small sack, which hopes to discover that you stuck the thing that’d solve this problem at last minute, you just have the pack that’s too small.

The Solution

The key part is to put it in the pack. If all of the gear fits and you are not trying to validate stashing extra pound of spicy sausages in the compartment just because you have extra room, you’re probably in great shape. However, if you’re thinking about leaving your flashlights behind for the reason that you cannot quite squeeze your zippers over it, and you’re not planning on being out in the dark, you require something a bit bigger.

If you purchased a bag and fails this test, bring that back to exchange that for one that suits your requirements better. The best advice is that you should always know your needs for you to buy the right backpack for hiking. With this, you can be assured that you will be able to choose the right size and materials that will fit all your things necessary for hiking. Quality is also an important factor when buying the right backpack for hiking.


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