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why not to canoe after flood

Why Not to Canoe After Flood

Flooding can be a devastating event, leaving communities and homeowners struggling to pick up the pieces. In some cases, people may attempt to canoe their way out after a flood but this is not always the best option...

why is my canoe so tippy

Why Is My Canoe so Tippy?

Canoeing is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by many people. While canoeing is generally considered to be a safe activity, some people may be concerned about canoe stability. In particular, novice canoeists may...

what is dmr ham radio

What is DMR Ham Radio?

Users of DMR ham radios are currently one of the fastest-growing networks of amateur radio enthusiasts. On the surface, DMR is an internet-connected radio. However, if you will try to peel back its many layers, you will...