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Best Underwear for Backpacking

It’s always exciting to prepare your gear for a trip to the outdoors, and given that Mother Nature is fickle, it’s always best to be organized. But even if you aren’t a fan of checklists, you should never forget to bring the best underwear for backpacking.

best underwear for backpacking

There is risk of exposure when exploring the wild, and just like the appropriate outerwear, serious thought should also be given to choosing one’s underthings.

Whatever the season  or  wherever you choose to go to, the best underwear for backpacking will make the trip more comfortable, enjoyable, and will provide extra protection from the elements.

ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini

Available in 16 colors to choose from such as Regal, Buff, Sweetheart or multicolored, ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Sport Mesh Hipkini is ideal for summer adventures. Made with Lycra and Nylon Spandex, the breathable fabric prevents unwanted chafing and other skin irritations caused by poor air circulation.

Long walks under the sun are exhilarating, but they can also cause unwanted moisture. This kind of skin environment is ideal breeding ground for bacteria, leading to additional discomfort and unpleasant odors. Who wants to get an infection in the middle of a great adventure? With ExOfficio’s Silvadur technology, you’ll always be clean and protected while on the go. Its low-rise design is comfortable and stretchy even under layers of clothing. It allows movement and support whether you’re hiking on a flat trail or up and down the mountains.

You can give them a quick clean in the washing machine once you go home. However, if you don’t want to add piles of dirty laundry in your already overloaded backpack, hand wash these undies before you leave. They’re quick-drying and are so lightweight you’ll have enough room to store some souvenirs you’ve picked along the way.  The label offers it in five sizes, from extra small to extra-large.

Woolly Ultralight Hipster Bikini Brief

If you want the lasting power of synthetic fibers but still want natural fabrics, this one’s for you. Unlike the usual wool that’s itchy and extremely uncomfortable, Woolly Ultralight Bikini Brief is made from Merino wool sheep, which is truly soft to the touch.

This type of underwear won’t ever appear bulky beneath your clothes!  Whatever the weather condition is, you can always bring these undies with you. The fabric adjusts to your body temperature to keep you extra cozy in cool weather. During warmer temperatures, the fabric lets your skin breathe as it effectively draws moisture off of its surface.

Due to its organic composition, it prevents embarrassing odors from forming, keeping you clean and smelling fresh all day. To provide extra comfort, it’s tagless and has level seams that won’t dig into the skin. Elastane has also been added to the material to allow for ample movement and expansion, especially during high intensity activities.

These undies fit extra small to extra-large curves and come in neutral Grey and Black. The label guarantees earth friendly materials that are also recyclable. Best of all, the ethical label gives back to charities and organizations that support the environment and society.

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Boody Body EcoWear Women’s Boyleg Briefs -Bamboo Viscose – Boyshort Underwear

If you like simple, neutral colors, this brand offers black, white and five shades of nude. There’s a size for every body type, ranging from extra small to extra-large. Nature tripping has never been more earth friendly! The unique fabric is a combination of nylon, viscose and ethically harnessed bamboo. Using these knickers means you are protecting the environment. The plants used to make the garments are chemical-free and nourished with rainwater.

Boody Body EcoWear has antimicrobial properties and even prevents harmful, ageing ultraviolet rays while you’re out enjoying the flora. It also keeps moisture buildup at bay and prevents one from becoming a stinky mess. The machine washable material is whisper soft it will feel like your second skin. Aside from this, it has a genius temperature regulating mechanism which is favorable for travelers in all sorts of weather. There’s no need to worry when the temperature dips or soars.

If you prefer more coverage than the average pair of bikini cut undies, the boyleg brief design will surely suit you. The seamless underwear has a very smooth structure that prevents static and is great for active people who have skin sensitivities. It’s fuss-free but unmistakably high quality.

LAPASA Bikini Briefs

If you are looking for a more sporty design that offers comfort and so much more, LAPASA Bikini Briefs is a good choice. For a more adventurous trip that includes a host of activities along the way, this label’s fabric material is ideal. Don’t let the look deceive you as the material is super soft, even with its coarse-looking texture.

With its micromesh fabric with super-duper tiny holes, you can be sure you’re not overheating from the day’s challenging events. Made with long-lasting Nylon and Spandex, it will take you places without even constricting your leg movements. The waist trim and leg holes can actually lengthen for up to almost twice their normal size without compromising the form. It has eight available sizes to choose from and five cool color combos.

The garment has an info tag that can be easily torn off, making you uncomfortable, as in some cases it does make for an itchy situation. It can even last after multiple washings. Also, one of the best features is it dries up in no time at all. To avoid bacterial buildup, a kick-ass protective product called Silvadur has been incorporated into the material to prevent foul smells.


Backpacking trips are only as fun as how comfortable you feel while traveling.  You can never underestimate what a good pair of underwear can do for you during these trips! It’s wise to invest in a pack or more, and on a brand that is multifunctional as well as sustainable.

The Woolly Ultralight Hipster Bikini Brief ticks all the boxes. It offers comfort and is made of flexible, ecological materials.  It protects you from germs, is breathable, thermoregulates as necessary and is guaranteed to wick unnecessary dampness. Finally, it benefits everybody as the label also gives back to the community.

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