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Best Ultralight Sleeping Bag Under $100

You’re camping on a budget but that doesn’t mean you’d have to settle for less than the most amazing camping experience. This applies to your camping equipment too.

Best Hyke and Byke sleeping bags

When you’re out in the wild, you get a certain level of appreciation for the simplest things in life. Sleeping peacefully and comfortably at night is one of them.

Camping comforts such as ultralight sleeping bags come with a price. And by ultralight, we mean less than 3 pounds for every single one of the bags in this list. Fortunately for you, we already found the best ones you can buy under the $100 mark. All you have to do is read on and we’ll help you choose.

ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag (1.7 pounds)

Camping in warmer weathers can be more difficult than camping colder climates, so it’s nice to find warm weather sleeping bags like the ECOOPRO Warm Weather Sleeping Bag.

They’re made with nylon and polyester so they’re durable, water resistant, and breathable at the same time. The removable inner lining is made with premium TC cotton that helps keep the temperature inside the sleeping bag at around 55°F to 60°F.

It measures 83″L x 30″W, so it can fit one adult or two kids. It can be compressed down to a small sack 11 inches in height.

For the pros, users say that these sleeping bags are definitely durable. They’re definitely a sleeping bag that does the job of keeping you cool during warm summer camp nights. You can also just unzip it if the weather gets too warm.

As for the cons, some users found the sleeping bag too small. If you’re bulky or over 6 feet in height, you might want to consider other sleeping bags. Users also had mixed feelings about the storage bag that came with it.

Ledge Sports Featherlite Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag (2.87 pounds)

Ledge Sports Featherlite Ultra Compact Sleeping Bag is one of the heavier bags in this list, but it’s still ultralight at less than 3 pounds. This mummy bag is the perfect companion for colder climate camping, with a temperature rating of 20°F. The adult size can supposedly fit a person up to 7 feet in height, while the smaller scout size can fit a person up to 6 in height.

Many people didn’t expect much from this compact sleeping bag considering the price point, but many people were pleasantly surprised. It does a great job of keeping campers warm in colder camping climates. It also has a nifty interior pocket for you to keep small items like keys and phones close as you sleep. The footbox gives your feet more room. Extra insulation on the foot box helps keep you warm too.

Some may disagree on the temperature rating, it could be better for a 30°F to 40°F weather. As a precaution, if you’re camping on a colder climate using this sleeping bag, just pack a heating pad too. Even if this bag did well on a 20°F night, the temperature could just drop even further.

REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag (1.5 pounds)

The REDCAMP Ultra Lightweight Sleeping Bag is an inexpensive choice for warm weather camping. Its size and weight makes it perfect for those who want to pack light but still like to sleep comfortably. The hooded sleeping bag costs a bit more than the regular one. It also just packs in 0.3 pounds more in weight.

This ultralight sleeping bag from REDCAMP has reverse zippers. You can attach two of these together to make a double bag, or just unzip them to make a large quilt to lie on during summer camping trips.

If you’re over 6 feet tall, you can skip this bag because you won’t fit in it. A few users think the material is way too thin and the filling is a bit inconsistent.

Overall, it’s a well-made bag, especially considering the price and hikers will especially like how lightweight it is and how small it packs when compressed. It also has a nylon outer shell, so it’s great on windy camps too.

REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag (1.85 pounds)

This REVALCAMP Sleeping Bag comes in a hooded or a rectangular design. The hooded one is 87 inches long, and has a temperature rating of 20°F. The rectangular one is 71 inches long, and has a temperature rating of 40°F. Both can comfortably fit kids and adults shorter than 6’1”.

This sleeping bag doesn’t need rolling or folding. You can just stuff it into the storage bag and pull the straps – perfect even for little kids.

And speaking of kids, this sleeping bag comes in a wide range of fun colors and designs too. There are 23 colors and designs to choose from, so every member of the family can get a different colored bag.

It also has double-sided zippers, so two REVALCAMP sleeping bags can act as a double bag. It uses weather-resistant materials that protects from water and UV rays. Many who already bought this bag wanted to buy it again. It’s also probably the most reviewed of the best ultralight sleeping bag under $100.

It’s not water-proof but it’s water-resistant. Many were due to the fiber filling clumping after machine wash, but the label only recommends hand washing and spot cleaning.


You’re on a budget, but it doesn’t mean that you’d have to give up camping comforts that make camping so much more enjoyable. That’s why we didn’t just list the cheapest ultralight sleeping bags here; we made sure that they’re ultralight so you can carry them over long distances, comfortable so you can sleep better at night, and durable so you can use them for a long time. In a nutshell, whatever you pick from this list, you surely won’t be disappointed.

Camping for many is about relaxing, being in one with nature, and disconnecting one’s self from the stresses of daily life. Climb on in with your ultralight sleeping bag, and leave all your worries outside.

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