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Best Time to Go to Zion National Park

For anyone interested in visiting Zion National Park, they should know upfront that it is one of the most popular destinations for Americans for many reasons. Not only is it a spectacular park that has amazing views, it is excellent for those that love nature and are looking to get out and about with nature. Since summer is so much busier for this park (and most parks, by the way), this article will give you some tips and guidelines for the best time to go to Zion National Park to get the most fulfilling experience ever.

best time to go to zion national park

Temperature and Weather

Best Time to Go to Zion National Park
Source: weather-us.com

It gets extremely hot at Zion National Park during the summer months, and during the winter months it gets extremely cold (Source: weather-us.com). Zion also has a monsoon season as well, so visitors have to be warned that they could experience flash floods. Before planning your trip there, try to stay up on the latest weather reports regarding the park and surrounding areas. A quick google search will give you access to the average high and low temperatures there throughout the year, including the Kolob Canyons.


If you are up for some exceptional views and landscapes at Zion National  Park, spring and fall are the best times to get these picturesque views. Since the temperatures are cooler at this time of the year, you also won’t have to worry about as many people and can enjoy the experience even more. Travelers to the region will also see rushing water nearby of the Virgin River, which features waterfalls that cascade over the cliffs. Fall is another option as it has warm colors presented from the Virgin River and if you love the scenery, come in the spring and fall as these are the best times for sightseeing and great photographs.

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Best Time to Go to Zion National Park
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By far, the best season for hiking at Zion National Park is during the fall as most trails are open and the crowds have thinned out. Hiking at this time are the most enjoyable and to get information on the conditions of the current trails, check online for Zion and surrounding areas.


The spring, summer, and fall are the best seasons for backpacking at Zion National Park. Visitors during this time will experience fewer crowds and open trails that are not full of people. For the latest conditions of trails and camping grounds, check online so that you can effectively plan your trip.

Avoiding Crowds

Best Time to Go to Zion National Park
Source: nps.gov

If you are the type of traveler that tries to avoid crowds, then the fall, winter, and spring seasons are the best to visit Zion National Park. The temperatures may be a bit chiller and fewer of the facilities will be open, there is a steep drop-off in tourists during the time and the scenery is just as beautiful.


If you absolutely have to visit Zion National Park during the summer, be prepared for more people around, but do not let this discourage you from visiting and enjoying one of the most beautiful parks in the country.

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