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Best Small Generators for Camping

Whether your reason is to be one with nature or to unwind from the fast-paced world, camping is one of the best outdoor activities of all time.

best small generators for camping

As you venture out to camp, it is imperative to bring with you the camping essentials to make your camping experience hassle-free, and this includes a generator. You might travel to a location with minimal to zero electricity. A camping generator ensures that you can recharge all your electrical devices to sustain your escapade.

Also, lighting up your camping site provides good illumination as you cook, clean, or bond with the group. Furthermore, it protects you from wild animals that might be roaming around the place.

A bulky generator is a big no-no for camping trips because it will just be a burden. As you read along, allow us to showcase some of the best compact generators you can bring in your camping adventure.

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Generator is considered one of the best generators because of its good performance and great features. With a manageable weight and a thick and sturdy handle on top of the generator, carrying it around will not be that difficult.

It has a surge wattage of 2000 watts and a running wattage of 1600 watts that can sufficiently power up a wide range of appliances. This means, however, that you will be limited to the 2000-watt ceiling. To further increase wattage, this generator can be linked to another WEN generator using a WEN parallel kit.

When its 79.7 cc 4-stroke engine runs, it only produces about 53 decibels of relatively quiet noise, just like hearing a normal conversation by individuals.

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It boasts of producing clean energy that does not create any voltage surges and drops, making it safe to use for electronic gadgets and computers. It is equipped with an eco-mode that enables it to automatically regulate fuel use, saving you a good deal of money you will otherwise use to purchase gasoline.

A slight drawback of having this generator is that you will have to change its oil every 25 hours, but it is very easy to do.

Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter

Generac 7117 Gp2200I W 50St Inverter is compact and performs well, bearing a maximum output of 2200 watts. It is perfect for use in outdoor events and adventures.

Light indicators are installed on its back, providing its users with immediate status on power, oil, and overload. A covered USB outlet allows the charging of smart phones and other electronic gadgets. Power flow is stable and clean, which is good for sensitive appliances.

Its fuel tank has a capacity of 1.2 gallons. When full, the generator can run continuously for 9 to 10 hours at 25% load. To manage fuel consumption, you can switch to eco-mode in a breeze and further enhance its noise reduction. This can also work in parallel with another Generac unit to boost wattage.

In terms of actual use, some users noted that the 2200 watts max output cannot be achieved when used for certain heavy-duty equipment. Durability is also a concern for several users who found the generator to deteriorate in less than a year. After-sales service is also mediocre when technical issues arise. Nonetheless, this equipment generally performs well.

Briggs & Stratton P3000 Power Generator

If you’re looking for a generator with abundant and long-lasting power, Briggs & Stratton P3000 Power Generator is ready to serve you. Packed with 3000 starting watts, it can jumpstart almost any appliance and equipment at home or outdoors. It is the perfect companion to travel trailers because of its heavy capacity.

It has a luggage-type design with 6-inch solid wheels and a telescoping handle for easy mobility. With this innovative feature, you can easily transport the generator even in far distances.

The generator is equipped with a Quiet Power Technology that significantly reduces noise level, producing only 58 decibels.

Unique to this product is an LCD screen where its performance and maintenance reminders are displayed. The LCD shows the exact power being utilized as well as its performance levels.

This powerful and state-of-the-art generator comes at a much higher price tag. However, if you’re willing to pay for more to enjoy its awesome features and your power requirement is high, then this is a great piece to have.

Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready

As the name implies, Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready is a champion in terms of performance. It is very reliable for power outages, camping, and tailgating. It can generate a whopping 3400 watts to power up any electronic appliance and gadget. Based on experience, the generator comes to life with just one or two pulls.

On its panel board are two 120V outlets and one 12V DC outlet. For USB charging, a dual USB adapter is included so you can charge two gadgets simultaneously.

It’s armed with a Cold Start technology that helps in quickly starting up the generator during the extreme cold. You can pair it with other Champion generators for more power. Since it’s designed as open-frame, it might be a tad noisier than enclosed types but because of its Digital Hybrid technology, this noise is effectively managed.

The generator can be lifted or moved using its side handles. However, since the generator does not have any wheel kits included, it might be a little challenging to transport it.


All of the mentioned generators can produce huge power wattage for recreational and emergency purposes. But in terms of long-lasting power and flexibility, the Briggs & Stratton P3000 Power Generator is a hard product to beat because of power and portability combinations. Moreover, its LCD gives the convenience of effortlessly knowing the condition of the product so that proper maintenance can be conducted.

The Champion 4000-Watt RV Ready is also a beast in terms of pure power. Setting aside mobility, this is a valuable piece to have both indoors and outdoors. Both the WEN and Generac generators likewise offer excellent performance with more or less the same functionalities.

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