Best Ski Goggles Under $100

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Skiing and snowboarding are fun winter sports for the entire family. It’s important to have all the right equipment to stay warm and safe on the slopes. If you’re new to skiing, you might need to understand why goggles are an important accessory when you’re out on the slopes.

We have also reviewed three of the best ski goggles under $100.

Why It’s Important to Buy a Good Pair of Goggles

3 Factors to Buy a Good Pair of Ski Goggles

What Should You Consider When Buying Goggles?

Below are some essential features to look out for when buying protective eyewear for your skiing adventure.

Fog prevention

For increased visibility in extreme conditions

Double lenses

This provides an added layer of protection against the elements


Your goggles should seal well so that cold air, snow and ice don’t enter the goggles & interfere with your vision

We have reviewed some goggles under $100 to help you make your decision.

Best Ski Goggles Under $100 Reviews

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles

These are lightweight entry-level goggles from the well-known brand Bolle. The product is a fully adjustable medium to large fit which is built for comfort and style. The Bolle Mojo is a great quality option for under $100, ideal for first time and leisure skiers.

These are lightweight entry-level goggles from the well-known brand Bolle. The product is a fully adjustable medium to large fit which is built for comfort and style. The Bolle Mojo is a great quality option for under $100, ideal for first time and leisure skiers.

Bolle MOJO Shiny Black/Vermillon
  • Classic, medium-to-large-fit goggle offers throwback styling with an advanced lens technology for excellent optical clarity and fog-free performance
  • Flow-Tech Venting designed to reduce fogging and optimize flow of air over inside of lens; venting ports control airflow, while preventing clogging from snow and ice
  • Unique double lens design creates thermal barrier while providing clear optics and superior seal
  • P80 Plus/Carbo GLAS (anti-fog/anti-scratch) coating provides protection against unwanted lens fogging and most scratching
  • Includes limited one-year manufacturer's warranty

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You’ll be hitting the slopes with some throwback style in these aptly named ‘mojo’ goggles that integrate perfectly with any helmet. They come standard with flow-tech venting ports which promote airflow through the goggles to prevent fogging and condensation.

The advanced double-lens technology provides fog-free optical clarity. This is a unique feature which creates a thermal barrier and seals the goggles to prevent any snow, ice or cold dry air from entering the glass and clouding your vision.

The P80 Plus/Carbo Glass coating provides yet another layer of fog and scratch protection ensuring maximum visibility while you navigate the slopes.

The mojo lenses block UV/UVB rays of up to 400 nanometers protecting your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun. With all this technology you’ll see perfectly while you’re out having fun in the sun and snow.


  • Thick layer of face padding
  • Fully adjustable stretch straps
  • Flow tech venting
  • Carbo glass
  • Double lens
  • P80+ layer anti-fog
  • UV/UVB protection up to 400 nanometers


  • The fit is a bit small

Smith Optics Scope Goggles

The Smith Scope product is a long-standing goggles item in the Smith line. They are cylindrical lens goggles which are great for all day ski or snowboarding activities. To give you peace of mind, Smith offers a lifetime warranty on this product.

Smith Optics Adult Scope Snow Goggles Black Frame/RC36
  • Medium Fit and Helmet Compatible
  • Cylindrical Dual Lens with Airflow Ventilation, Fog-X Anti-Fog Inner Lens
  • Compression-Molded Hypoallergenic Face Foam and Ultra-Wide, Silicone Backed Strap
  • Includes Microfiber Goggle Bag With Replacement Lens Sleeve
  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty

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These medium-fit Smith goggles are packed with great features and an affordable price tag to match. They have dual lenses with airflow ventilation to prevent fogging. Fog-X technology, which is an anti-fog inner lens, further prevents fogging and condensation from forming inside the goggles. These features work together to ensure great visibility while you’re learning to ski. They also filter out moisture and snow particles keeping your eyes dry.

Comfort is key when you’re learning to ski. The Scope includes a thick layer of hypoallergenic face foam and an ultra-wide adjustable silicone back strap. This ensures the goggles fit comfortably on your face. They integrate with any helmet brand and seal off well to shield your eyes from the elements.

The goggles come with a handy microfiber cover to prevent scratches and damage when not in use. This cover can also be used to clean the lenses. For more information have a look at this video below which has a comprehensive review.


  • Dual lens
  • Airflow ventilation
  • Fog-X anti-fog inner lens
  • Hypoallergenic face foam
  • Ultra-wide silicone back strap


  • Back strap difficult to adjust
  • Tinting not suitable for very bright days

Bolle Carve Goggles

The Carve goggles are basic entry level eyewear from Bolle. They’re great performing goggles at the price and best suited to the beginner or occasional skier. The product fits comfortably with most helmets, making it ideal to use all day long.

Bolle 20786 Carve Snow Goggles (Black Frame/Vermillon Gun Lens)
  • Double PC lens with Flow-Tech venting for excellent fog resistance
  • P80+ Carbo-Glas resists scratching
  • Over-the-helmet design works with helmets
  • Double layer face foam conforms to facial shapes well and is comfortable
  • Vermillon lens offers high contrast and is great for partially cloudy to overcast days.

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Like the Mojo model the Carve offers a double-lens barrier for extra protection, flow vent technology for increased airflow, carbo glass and anti-fog for extra protection. These features all promote increased visibility which helps to prevent accidents on the slopes.

The Carve goggles come with the added benefit of a vermillion tint for UV and UVB protection and clear vision in most weather conditions. The anti-fog layer disperses water molecules quickly to prevent moisture buildup inside the glasses.

The goggles are well padded and adjustable for a comfortable well-sealed fit. A good seal will prevent the cold air and moisture from entering the goggles and distorting your vision.


  • Double lens barrier
  • Flow vent technology
  • Carbo glass
  • Anti-fog protection
  • Vermillion tint for UV protection
  • Well-padded and comfortable


  • Better suited to smaller individuals
  • Some fogging in extreme conditions


The three snow goggles that we reviewed are perfect for first time or occasional skiers. Bolle and Smith are both reputable brands in the world of skiing and they offer some great features at affordable prices. Quality is guaranteed with any of these three models.

Of the three models reviewed, the Smith Optics Scope goggles are our favorites. They offer very similar features to the Bolle models, but they fit more comfortably. The Smith goggles are a bit more expensive, but the great features, affordable price tag, stylish look and lifetime warranty make them well worth it.

For goggles under $100 you’ll still get great bang for your buck.  These goggles prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune to get good quality when you need it most.

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