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Best Quiet Generators for Camping

Packing a power source tends to take up your extra space, and adds even more weight when packing up for a camping trip. While electric generators are travel-friendly, most of them can keep you up all night as they’re running, though nowadays, you can find a few electric power stations that can remain silent and deliver as much energy.

Best Quiet Generators for Camping

Forest troops and Wildlife Protection also require such equipment to be safe for outdoor use. So, how can you have a relaxing weekend in the wild without having to tolerate the noise and disrupting Mother Nature? These 5 quiet camping generators might just work for you.

SereneLife Portable Power Generator

SereneLife Portable Power Generator has proven to live up to its name. As quiet as the night, this camping generator is also built to give you just the power you need. At 42000 mAh power capacity and 7 charging ports, you can expect this to charge most of your handheld devices such as phones, tablets, cameras, and even laptops. It is also suitable for powering most small appliances that you would take along with you on the trip. The charging ports on the generator include 3 USB type cable outlets (5 volts), 3 DVC ports (12 volts), and 1 dual AC outlet (110 volts).

When it comes to setting up the device, whether you are at home or on campgrounds, you simply just have to take it out the box, skim through the user manual, and plug right away. The product already includes most of the accessories you will need to maximize its use: 2 adapters, including 1 home wall power adapter, and 1 vehicle cigarette lighter adapter; and 1 car and cigarette lighter power cable. You can also find a built in LED flashlight in the generator to use in case of emergencies or as a camping light.

The SereneLife generator takes up to 8 hours for a full charge and can operate up to 12 hours straight, or even longer, depending on how much power you will be using. You may either use the charging cable included and plug it into a wall socket or your car, or make a separate purchase of the SereneLife Solar Panel charger for this device.
Versatile, quiet, and compact, the SereneLife Portable Power Generator is worth its price.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

If long life is on your checklist for some power backup in the outdoors, a gasoline powered generator will often last longer than its rechargeable counterpart. The main concern with gas generators though, is their tendency to produce a buzzing noise when left on. But worry not, there is a few camping generators that can stay hush even on fuel.

Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator remains lightweight and travel friendly, only requiring a 1.3 gallon gas tank (not included with your purchase) loaded into the device and it’s ready to start. A user-friendly design with an economy mode power setting so you can save up on fuel and keep the power running as long as possible. The Super Quiet WH2200iXLT can operate up to 12 to 13 hours long if left on overnight, so with economy mode, you can extend this up to an additional hour or two. The generator is capable of automatically shutting down upon reaching a low to empty tank level for your safety as well.

For device and appliance compatibility, you may run short on options for this one due to the few ports you can find on the generator. This model, to be exact, only has 2 ports that supply up to 1800 watts of power. Regular use will also help maintain the quality of this product as the gas may clog or leak if left stored with any excess. For best results, using this at moderate to low elevations will keep the generator functioning as it normally should.

For its silence, we give the Westinghouse WH2200iXLT Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator a solid 5 stars, but overall, its features are only the bare minimum for a camping generator.

Pulsar PG1202S 1200W Portable Gas-Powered Generator

Another gasoline powered pick for a camping generator is the Pulsar PG1202S 1200 watt Portable Generator. More lightweight than most gasoline generators, this product weighs 37.5 pounds, plus a 1.1 gallon fuel tank to operate it. Where you install the generator is no problem at all as it is made safe for outdoor environments and activities.

Left open, the PG1202S can last from 8 to 9 hours long on 900 running watts, while using it at its peak 1200 watt setting will leave you 5 straight hours of power. This specific model though only provides 3 power outlets: (1) 12V DC output, and (2) 120V outlets meant to start up small appliances and gadgets.

Sold at a cheaper price point compared to its competitors, it does create some noise that may bother you or some critters at a nearby camp, so we suggest this is best for daytime use only. Turning on the device will also take several attempts like you normally would with a gas stove. The Pulsar PG1202S can be notable for its convenience, but will need more improvement.

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Power Station

A portable, compact, and large-capacity camping power pack, the Rockpals 300 Watts Power Generator is designed to come along with you on any and every adventure plus emergencies too, wherever and whenever you need power. It incorporates multiple power outlets from a (1) 110 volt AC inverter, (3) 12 Volt DC outlets, (2) Quick charging 3.0 USB ports, and an extra (2) USB-A 2.1 A USB ports to operate lamps, smartphones, laptops and other small gadgets and appliances to help you while you’re off-grid or experience a power interruption.

This 300W generator delivers more than what it is made for, also functioning as an emergency light with two lighting modes to adjust the built-in powerful LED lamp. On steady mode, the generator lamp can brighten up your campsite, and switching to SOS mode activates the blinking pattern. The bulb can last a full 2 days due to its efficient energy consumption at only 2 to 3 watts.

This power station can be charged in various ways, whatever may be your preference or is appropriate for the situation. Included in the product package is its direct wall charger and car charger that takes 6 to 7 hours of charging time, or you may purchase the Rockpals solar panel, and connect it to the device to get a full charge in 3 to 8 hours max.

Despite the product being manufactured for outdoor use, its exterior is not waterproof and may damage the device completely if left under harsh conditions. Storing the generator in a cool and dry place will help maintain its quality. Indoors, it is completely safe as it is a gasoline-free product and does not produce any exhaust fumes. You can also sleep peacefully and avoid disrupting any furry neighbors while it operates quietly overnight. Rockpals 300W can run continuously for 12 hours and is sold at a reasonable price without compromising quality and convenience.

Firman W03082 Inverter Generator

Another fuel-powered generator, the Firman W03082 Inverter Generator uses the exclusive Whisper Series Sound Muffler to keep the tank on silent mode. Similar to most of the entries on this list, this is another lightweight and travel-friendly power station you can easily pack up and head out right away.

Fit for a 1.8 gallon gasoline tank, the inverter generator can give you a steady supply of power for 8 to 9 hours, and can be extended when configured to economy mode to conserve fuel.

Straight out of the box, you can find most of the accessories you need to set up and maintain the device as well such as the user guide, bracket wrenches, spark plug wrench and funnel. To start up, simply press the start button and pull its lever to get the power running. Built in with a voltage regulator, you can count on this power source to safely charge your appliances and other devices without the risk of damage.

Approved by the USDA, the Firman W03082 will continue to function in high elevations and remain quiet, conquering the great outdoors and meaning no harm to you and Mother Nature.


When searching for a camping generator, you want to make sure it can keep quiet and supply you with the power you need for as long as possible. It should also be travel-friendly, so consider lightweight and handy generators that you can easily store and transport.

A camping generator may be powered by fuel or electricity, but what matters most is that it is safe for outdoor use and complies with health and safety standards. It should also be able to charge most gadgets and appliances you may take with you while traveling. And when you shop, do balance the pros and cons to it – some power stations come cheap, but may not last the entire trip, others could cost a bit more, but will be worth your every penny

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