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Best Pocket Knife for Whittling

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A whittling knife is a tool that’s used when carving raw wood into various shapes, and whittling is one of the few satisfying activities you can do anywhere. With this in mind, an ideal knife is portable and offers the safety and convenience of having a folded knife folded safely into one’s pocket.

best pocket knife for whittling

In this article, four whittling knives are rounded up. These knives boast of the ideal whittling knife qualities, which go along with the unique traits and features each knife possesses. These knives are ideal for many kinds of purposes and adventures. The good news is that you will find these sharp tools on Amazon, too.

BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4

BeaverCraft Wood Carving Knife for Whittling Sloyd Knife C4 3.14' Wood Whittling Knife for Roughing Wood Carving Chisel Knife for Beginners and Profi - Spoon Carving Tools Knives for Woodworking

The BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4 is designed for wood carving and whittling purposes. It features a thin tip in a pointed shape for delicate cutting of wood, and to ease working in tight areas. Meanwhile, the blade has a rounded part to allow for carving in hollow areas of wood, and to make precise, sliced cuts.

The blade of Sloyd Knife C4, meanwhile, is constructed from carbon steel that’s both of high-quality and made of high-carbon. It’s also made stiffer to the proper level of firmness. BeaverCraft takes pride that their tools are so “sharpened and polished,” they can be used as soon as they are taken out of their packaging.

Moreover, its whittling cutting edge is severely sharp that it can allow its user to cut softer wood, and leave cuts shiny and smooth. This edge is also strong enough to slice hardwoods, like walnut or oak.

This blade and its edges are connected to a wood carving handle, which is constructed from hardwood oak, mixed with natural linseed oil in its process. And thanks to its comfortable design, it can allow its user to carve for an extended period of time, yet without experiencing fatigue in their hands.

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Morakniv Wood Carving Junior 73/164

Morakniv Wood Carving Junior 73/164 Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 3.0-Inch, Model Number: M-111-2103

Swedish knife-maker Morakniv says that the Wood Carving Junior 73/164 has been designed with the beginner whittler in mind, as well as to the youngster with slightly more experience in the activity. The beginner-friendly features are its blade that measures three inches, edge that’s pointed, and a guard to protect the user’s fingers from injuries.

The Wood Carving Junior has dimensions that measure 6.75 inches in length, 0.5 inches in width, and a height of one inch. Its bland, which has been constructed out of a carbon steel material, has a length of three inches.

Moving on to its handle, this part of the whittling knife is made out of Birchwood, and its appearance is jazzed up by an oily, glossy finish. The handle also stands out when the knife is placed inside the plastic sheath, which Morakniv has thoughtfully added to this product. The sheath is finished in black, that’s why the glossy brown hue of the handle will stand out.

Morakniv, meanwhile, is an esteemed brand, known for producing Swedish knives with the highest-quality for professionals. Its knives are reportedly known for their premium Swedish steel and ergonomically-friendly handle that they feature.

Flexcut Whittle’ Jack

FLEXCUT Whittlin' Jack, with 1-1/2 inch Detail Knife and 2 inch Roughing Knife, 3 oz, Walnut Inlay Handle, (JKN88)

The Flexcut Whittle’ Jack has a simple design, yet it’s highly useful. Credit goes to the two blades this product features. The two blades can give its users better control than a normal knife. One of these blades is an almost two-inch detail knife, and the other is a two-inch roughing knife—both can be folded seamlessly into the handle.

These blades, made from high-carbon steel, are also pre-sharpened and honed so it can be immediately used for the duties it was designed for. The two blades possess an extensive long-edge retention, so it stays sharper for longer and saves its user time from sharpening.

Going back to the handle, meanwhile, it’s constructed from a frame made of aluminum with a wood veneer inlay, enhancing its looks. The slightly bowed structure of this product offers a hold that’s comfortable enough for extensive whittling work. When the blades are tucked in this hold, the handle now measures at a nifty size of four inches, just right for bags and pockets.

The Whittln’ Jack’s weight is also noteworthy. Almost-featherweight at three ounces, it shows that this product is aimed to be carried about one’s person during outdoor whittling scenarios.

Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife No. 8

Opinel No.08 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Beechwood Handle, Brown (2540089)

The Opinel Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife No. 8 has been made by a veteran French company.  This whittling knife, Opinel says, combines simple use, sturdy construction, and ease of use. These traits make the No. 8 an ideal tool from “the garden to the table.”

A Beechwood makes up the handle of this knife, boasting of hard quality and durability that can withstand abuse, and can ease the work of its user.

As for the blade, No. 8’s sharpest feature is made from carbon steel material. It promises to create impeccable quality of cutting while combining excellent resistance to wear. The tip of the blade has a Yatagan-style shape, whose design takes inspiration from a Turkish saber, which is the toe up.

The blade length is measured at 3.28 inches, which prevents this product to be classified as a weapon in many states. With the blade open, the length is a little over seven inches, compact enough to be utilized as a pocket knife. It weighs just above one ounce.

With the Virobloc Safety Ring, included in the brand’s folding knives with sizes No .6 to No. 12, the blade can be locked while it’s open, as well as when closed.


The BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4 is the best among the four. It stands out thanks to its usable blade that allows for delicate cutting of wood, with an edge that’s strong enough to slice hardwoods, like walnut or oak. This blade is made from carbon steel that’s both high-quality and made of high-carbon.

Meanwhile, the blade and its edges can be wielded from a wood carving handle that’s constructed from hardwood oak. Its comfortable design keeps users from experiencing fatigue in their hands when they carve for an extended period of time.

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