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Best Lightweight Long Sleeve Hiking Shirt

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Who wouldn’t want hiking adventures? They are a great way to explore nature, appreciate wildlife, and create bonding moments with loved ones. To make this experience even more worthwhile, we need to wear something that maximizes our comfort like long sleeve hiking shirts.

best lightweight long sleeve hiking shirt

The scorching heat of the sun can take its toll on our skin, and we could experience sunburn. When the weather becomes too cold, our body will require sufficient insulation to stabilize temperature. These issues can be addressed when we wear good sleeve hiking shirts.

Choosing the best long sleeves for your hiking experience might be difficult at first, but once you are familiar with their specific characteristics, performance, and weaknesses, you will be better guided. That is why we will show you some of the best long sleeve shirts along with our evaluation on each of them.

Examining the Best Long Sleeve Hiking Shirts

Little Donkey Long Sleeve Shirt

Little Donkey Andy Men's UPF 50+ UV Protection Shirt, Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt, Breathable and Fast Dry Pale Khaki XL

Little Donkey Long Sleeve Shirt is not your ordinary long sleeves because aside from mere clothing, it’s packed with awesome features, perfect for outdoor activities like hiking.

Its fabric is made of lightweight nylon that is breathable, which means that when wet, the drying process happens much faster. On its back are mesh vents that allow the efficient flow of cool air, helping prevent the accumulation of sweat.

It has four chest pockets to stash your essential hiking accessories. On top of this, the shirt has a rod holder and a sunglass loop where you can conveniently hang your glasses.

The shirt has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating of 50, which means that 98% of the sun’s rays are blocked by the fabric, preserving your skin.

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When the temperature is just right and you want to feel the warmth on your skin, you could easily convert this long sleeve shirt into a short sleeve by simply rolling it up and fastening it with a button.

However, some users have observed that it is not very breathable as it claims to be, and feels a little baggy when worn. But overall, the product is excellent and worth having, considering it is priced reasonably.

Columbia Tamiami II Long sleeve shirt

Columbia Men’s PFG Tamiami™ II Long Sleeve Shirt, Cool Grey, Medium

Columbia is a reputed company that excels in crafting gear and clothing for outdoor adventures. The Tamiami II Long sleeve shirt is a testimony of this greatness with state-of-the-art technology.

This cool-looking shirt is made of polyester, which means that it has strong fibers – flexible, and highly resistant to wrinkles. It does a great job during cold weather as it inhibits the buildup of moisture.

Since it is rated as UPF 40, the fabric offers excellent UVA and UVB protection. The breathable fabric will aid in enhancing moisture prevention to keep dry and comfortable.

In terms of fitting, it has a modern classic fit so it is not too tight and not too loose. This ensures a comfortable feel throughout an activity, so you can perform tasks effectively. Add to the fact that it is very lightweight.

It does have some minor drawbacks though. There are some cases when users encountered crinkled fabric after washing. For its size, it is somewhat larger than normal so if you purchase one, you may have to pick a lower size. The price is just right as far as quality and performance are concerned.

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Pendleton Long Sleeve Tall Board Shirt

Pendleton, Men's Long Sleeve Tall Board Shirt

Selling board shirts since the 1950s, Pendleton has once again done a wonderful job with this Long Sleeve Tall Board Shirt. Just by a single glance, you will notice its unique vintage design and superb quality.

Being made of 100% virgin wool, one of its prime benefits is it keeps you dry by wicking away moisture from your skin and releasing it out from the fabric using evaporation. Because of this, there is a lesser chance for bacteria buildup and consequently less chances of smelling bad.

The fabric feels well-made and soft to the skin. The color scheme looks great and soothing to the eyes. Its design is pretty straightforward, having two large pockets in front for storing hiking essentials. However, the pocket cover does not have buttons to secure it.

While this Pendleton shirt is offered in a wide range of sizes, many users have given feedback that the sizes are too small in the chest portion and too big on the belly side. Arm sleeves might be longer than expected.  Its neck portion also has a wider-than-normal clearance so your neck could easily be exposed. The price of this shirt is way higher than other similar products.

BALEAF Hoodie Long Sleeve Shirt

BALEAF Men's Sun Protection Hoodie Shirt UPF 50+ Long Sleeve UV SPF T-Shirts Rash Guard Fishing Swimming Lightweight Gray XL

BALEAF Hoodie Long Sleeve Shirt gives you a sweet combination of fashion and functionality, with an affordable price tag. From afar, you will immediately notice its body fit design and when you look up close, you will appreciate its hoodie.

Its polyester fabric has a UPF 50+ rating to ensure maximum protection from the sun. It is breathable and keeps moisture away from the skin.

At the bottom of its arm sleeves are thumbholes to keep the sleeves stable and elastic. This will help prevent annoying loose ends and ensure a hassle-free hiking experience.

The hoodie of this long sleeve shirt is such a fantastic thing to have. Hiking outdoors means you could get exposed to striking heat, cold weather, and rain. The hoodie will immediately protect you from these elements.  The problem with this hoodie is that it easily falls off, especially when you run or when the wind is strong.

Some users found the arm lengths to be shorter than advertised, so if you can’t get your thumbs inside the thumbhole, your hands will get exposed to the sun.


Among the four shirts, I would give the highest score to the Columbia Tamiami II long sleeve shirt because of its many features, quality, flexibility, and decent pricing. Its multiple pockets are quite handy for the hiking journey and it is affordable so you can purchase an extra for a spare shirt during the trip.

The Pendleton Long Sleeve Tall Board Shirt is likewise a great choice, having a superior-built fabric but its price is significantly high. The other two shirts – Little Donkey and Baleaf hoodie – are just a little behind in terms of quality but they are still excellent long sleeves to have.

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