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Get Ready to Hunt with The Best Sleeping Bag

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Hunting and sleeping bags go hand-in-hand, as hunters need a comfortable place to rest when they are out in the wilderness. Whether you’re spending a few hours or days in the wild, it is essential to have a reliable sleeping bag that is lightweight and warm. There are many different types of hunting bags available on the market today, so it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. This article will provide an overview of some of the best sleeping bags for hunting to help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

best hunting sleeping bag

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What Type of Sleeping Bag Are Suitable for Hunting?

Depending on the conditions you plan to hunt in, there are different types of sleeping bags that will be more suitable for your needs.

The most popular type of sleeping bag for hunting is a mummy-style bag. This design narrows at the feet and has a hood that tapers into the shoulders, making it ideal for trapping heat inside and keeping out any drafts from entering around your head or feet.

It also compresses well so you won’t have to worry about lugging around too much extra weight when you’re out in the field.

Do You Really Need Sleeping Bag for Hunting?

When hunting, being prepared with the necessary items such as gear and supplies is essential. One question that often arises is whether or not you really need a sleeping bag for your hunting trips.

When camping outdoors, having a sleeping bag is essential for any hunter as it helps insulate them from the elements, as well as keeping them warm and comfortable during their hunt.

A good quality sleeping bag will also protect against rain, wind, snow and other weather conditions that may be encountered in the wild. In addition to this, it can provide much needed cushioning when resting or lying down after long days spent out in the bush.

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Furthermore, some bags are designed specifically for hunting trips and come equipped with features such as waterproofing and odor control so that no scent of human presence is carried from one spot to another.

Discover the Top Sleeping Bags Ideal for Hunting

When it comes to choosing the best sleeping bag for hunting, it’s important to consider factors like temperature rating, weight, material, and size. Below, we will provide an overview of some of the top sleeping bags available on the market today with a focus on highlighting their features and benefits for hunting in particular.

Nemo Sonic 800-Fill Down Sleeping Bag

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One of the very best hunting sleeping bag options on the market today (and a personal favorite of legendary American hunter Steven Rinella, founder and owner of MeatEater), this sleeping bag has it all.

Incredibly lightweight (coming in at 3 pounds, 2 ounces) but still capable of comfortable sleeping even at 0°F, this bag has an exceptional warmth to weight ratio. This is made possible by the 800 FP down fill as well as the award-winning design of the bag itself.

Inside the sleeping bag are proprietary “thermal gills”, number of internal channels that allow heat to circulate (and even escape slowly) while preventing cold air from seeping in. This guarantees that you stay nice and toasty in almost any weather conditions without getting too hot or beginning to sweat.

The 800 FP down fill material is 100% hydrophobic, just the same as the rest of the sleeping bag materials. This repels water effectively while maintaining its waterproof properties.

Some hunters don’t love mummy style sleeping bags like this one because they feel it’s too tight or constricting a form factor. You won’t have that problem with this sleeping bag.

Stretch construction (especially near the knees) allows you to comfortably wiggle around inside this sleeping bag – and even sleep on your side – with zero issues whatsoever.

This just might be the best hunting sleeping bag money can buy!

Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass

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Fantastic for late-season hunting (we are talking about the chilly months of November, December, and January), you won’t have to worry about nighttime chill ruining your hunt ever again when you pack this Mountain Hardware Bishop Pass sleeping bag.

Another mummy style sleeping bag, this top option is a little less “roomy” compared to the option we highlighted above – but that slimmed down form factor guarantees and even more efficient sleeping system that’ll keep you warm and temperatures that get down below 0°F.

The proprietary engineering of this sleeping bag prevents insulation and fill from getting matted down or pulling up in different spots of the sleeping bag. You won’t have to worry about hotspots or cold spots anymore – the fill stays where it is supposed to be all the time.

Very comfortable (almost unbelievably soft inside) a lot of hunters also appreciate how easy it is to get into and out of this sleeping bag. You’re not going to have to worry about fumbling around in camp when you’re getting up and after it before the sun rises.

The water repellent properties of this sleeping bag are solid. The bag doesn’t trap moisture inside, either. You won’t wake up in a pool of sweat, that’s for sure.

On the flipside, the narrowness of this sleeping bag – especially down by the foot box – may be a turnoff for hunters on the larger side of things. It’s something to consider, anyway.

ArcticShield Body Insulator in Realtree Edge

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There may not be another sleeping bag on the market made more specifically for hunters than this one!

Called a “body insulator”, this sleeping bag is basically a pair of overalls made from sleeping bag material with the hood that keep you nice and toasty while you sleep – and while you hunt, too.

Yes, you’re reading that right. You can wear this sleeping bag at nighttime, keep wearing it while you make a cup of coffee in the morning, and continue to where this sleeping bag on your way to your tree stand, up in your tree stand, or while you’re spending time ground hunting or in a duck blind.

The proprietary Realtree Edge pattern is fantastic for late-season hunts when the leaves are down off of the trees. The material is super quiet (you won’t have to worry about game hearing you swishing through the woods), unbelievably warm, and just oversized enough to be comfortable but not so big that you’re getting caught on everything in the woods.

The outer shell is 100% waterproof and 100% windproof. Oversized armholes make it easy to get into and out of this sleeping suit, and a full-size zipper allows you to open up this sleeping bag if you’re getting to warm while waiting for game to come into your calls.

You’re probably going to want to double this up with a more traditional sleeping bag (it’s not going to keep your arms very warm, after all) while in camp. But out and about there’s no more useful hunter sleeping bag out there than this one!

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the ideal sleeping bag for hunting depends on the environment and your personal preferences. If you’re heading out into extreme weather conditions, then investing in Mountain Hardwear Bishop Pass is ideal. If you don’t need to worry about extreme temperatures, then Nemo Sonic 800 would be the most practical option to consider. Ultimately, it is up to you as the hunter to decide which one fits your needs best.

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