Backpacking is one of the best and most rewarding ways to explore and travel the world with just a ticket in your hand and clothes on your back. For those who plan to embark on a backpacking trip soon, here are some of the best destinations that can fulfill your backpacker’s heart.

New Zealand

For most backpackers, New Zealand tops their list for many reasons. Despite being a small island, it serves as the home to several awesome landscapes that can any outdoor fan feel euphoric. Bus lines in the area are meant especially for backpackers which makes it easy to get around and meet other backpackers while renting a campervan or hitchhiking also serve as great alternatives. Whether you skydive in Queenstown, surf at Raglan, or trek in Fiordland, you can look forward to unique experiences that you can only find in New Zealand.


There is a long standing debate as to whether India is really perfect for backpacking, with some people falling head over heels with the country while others don’t share the same love. However, majority of avid backpackers still find India irresistible and beguiling. Enjoy beach parties that last all night long or explore laidback towns in Kerala and Goa. Or better yet, brave the sweltering desert areas of Rajasthan and be in awe of its grand palaces and forts.


With the perfect combination of rich traditions of Southeast Asia and a party trail for backpackers, Cambodia lives up to the expectations of travelers and all their unique whims and styles. The languid towns and cities in the country serve as the best place to discover its complicated past. Meanwhile, its islands fringed with palm trees and sparkling beaches are pristine and serenely deserted. But, what makes Cambodia as must-visit backpacking destination is its ancient temples that still look majestic in spite of their crumbling conditions, a relic of the country’s rich culture and remote regions that are just waiting to be found and explored.


There is no doubt that the people of Laos are the country’s greatest treasure. A backpacking trip here will take you into a realm where cultural immersion and adventure can be found at every corner. Whether you choose to enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the charming local market, or cruise the sleepy Mekong River and watch the verdant countryside passing by, Laos will easily capture your heart.


More exotic, more affordable, and undoubtedly wilder compared to other parts of Western Europe, Spain is one of the very few European countries that backpackers choose for their trips. Vast and with a diversity that will leave your baffled, the country is one world in itself. From the Modernista landmarks in Barcelona to the south’s Moorish cities, Madrid’s hip districts to the small villages in the mountains that look like they froze in time, there is so much more in Span than what you think.

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Which of these destinations would you like to visit on your next backpacking trip? Leave your comments below!

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