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Best Cast Iron Dutch Oven for Camping

One of the best parts of camping is cooking time in the great outdoors. After a long day filled with recreation, it’s nice to look forward to a warm, hearty meal. Whether you’re cooking for one or a group of fellow campers, a good set of cooking pots can make the simplest of dishes worth preparing.

best cast iron dutch oven for camping

With its rustic look and the modern convenience it provides, the best cast iron Dutch oven for camping just fits in.  From fixing small snacks like fried sausages and burgers, to huge feast fests that include slow cooking stews and a whole chicken, there’s one for you.

If you’re feeling fancy and want to bake apple pie or bread in the midst of the wilderness, you can also count on the best cast iron Dutch oven for camping. Read on and check which one you’ll want to bring with you to your next adventure.

8-Quart Overmont Camp Dutch Oven

Overmont Camp Dutch Oven proves to be a multi-functional cooking monster. With a seven liter capacity, it can cook food for four to seven people. It‘s also ideal for a solo traveler who wants to cook a bigger meal that can be stored in the pot and eaten the following day.

At nighttime, you can cook your special casserole recipes with this one. It has side grips to make it easier for you to carry it from one location to another.  With all the mixing and tasting, its three legs help it sit steadily on the campfire. If you prefer to hang it over the pit, a thick, removable stainless steel handle is attached for such a purpose. For added safety, it also includes a handy lifter for the pot cover.

For breakfast fixes such as pancakes and fried eggs, the lid can be used like a frying pan. To maintain it, wash it water and keep it free from dampness to avoid rusting. However, if you are more comfortable using soap to clean it, you can do so with this one. As with all cast iron pots, seasoning it is highly encouraged to maintain its nonstick functionality.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven

Made in Tennessee since 1896, Lodge can be considered an enduring favorite for outdoor cooking. It’s very sturdy, long-lasting, and made with the highest of standards. If you plan to stay long with family or a group of friends who have different tastes when it comes to food, you can cook seven ways with this container. For an expert cook who wants to gain more skills to a beginner, a recipe book is included.

Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven allows meat and other ingredients to cook evenly so you don’t have to worry about eating partially cooked food. The heavy cover keeps the heat in place for much longer, sealing in all the delicious flavors.

Sear steaks, cook vegetables, or fry using the lid that doubles as a cooking pan. To ensure it lasts, always use warm water sans soap to clean it. Dry it thoroughly and simply coat with edible oil.

Legend Cast Iron Multi Cooker Stock Pot

For a cooking container that can easily transition from the kitchen to the bonfire, brand Legend brings you their versatile cast iron oven. Its rounded design is more compact and traditional, but can still hold about 20 cups of liquid or about five kilograms of edibles.

Legend Cast Iron Dutch Oven can compete with the big, traditional cast iron oven pots in terms of cooking a variety of meals. You don’t have to bring your oven mitts to protect your hands because this one comes with silicone grippers for the side handles. They are specially designed to help you carry it from the fire to the table or ground with ease. Just remember to take them off once you reheat the pot!

Even the luxury of bread making can now be yours, and with the lid’s slightly curved construction, your doughs will take on perfectly round shapes upon cooking. The lid can be used to cook pancakes, fry bacon, ham or hash browns. If you’re concerned about the safety of this product, fear not as it has vegan oil substance to protect the surface. A nifty user guide is included to help first timers deal with the care and use of the product.

ExcelSteel 6-Quart Seasoned Dutch Oven Camper

Made by the company Cook Pro Inc., it is manufactured using unbreakable cast iron, and the traditional black color is a classic that won’t ever go out of style. Due to its resistant nature, it can be used for many years and can be passed on from one generation to the next. As for its maintenance, cleaning it with warm water and rubbing it with frying oil after drying makes it better with age.

The ExcelSteel 6-Quart Seasoned Dutch Oven Camper is a healthy way to cook food because it doesn’t have toxic coating, and even provides supplementary iron to one’s diet.

If you are looking to impress someone with your cooking skills, this six-quart pot will let you feed a big audience. And when you’re ready to serve, the detachable handle allows for easy maneuvering. Wherever you’re camped, this iron oven will stay still on its three pins, so you don’t have to worry about tip overs.

The weighty lid also prevents accidental spills when carrying it back and forth. In the wild where you won’t see modern conveniences such as a refrigerator, this cooking oven’s amazing ability to retain heat is one factor that prevents food from spoiling too soon.


Lodge Deep Camp Dutch Oven stands out among the rest, as the family-owned label has over a hundred years’ worth of reputation for producing the finest cast iron pots. You know you’re getting a reliable product that is worth your money.

Also, the novel addition of a recipe book is a delightful touch that completes the package. It will certainly make one appreciate the fine arts of cooking in a cast iron Dutch oven. The simple but hard-wearing pot can travel with you for a long time, and if you’re lucky, you can share memorable experiences cooking for someone special.

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