Best Card Games to Play During Camping

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Camping may get boring even with all that interesting and entertaining wildlife around. One of the best ways to keep everyone at the campsite entertained is to bring along playing cards and play various card games to have a good time.

Top 8 Card Games For Camping

Some of the best card games for camping that you can play at your campsite are as follows:


Basically, it takes a special deck to play this card game, yet you may pick them up in numerous convenience or grocery stores. Today, UNO cards come with specialized decks that feature everything from Harry Potter to The Simpsons. The good thing about bringing along UNO deck of cards is that up to ten players may play on the same deck, which makes it a good card game for big camping assemblies like church groups or scouts.

UNO Family Card Game, with 112 Cards in a Sturdy Storage Tin, Travel-Friendly, Makes a Great Gift for 7 Year Olds and Up [Amazon Exclusive]
  • ​UNO is the classic family card game that's easy to learn and so much fun to play!
  • ​In a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number.
  • ​Strategize to defeat your competition with special action cards like Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos and color-changing Wild cards.
  • ​When you're down to one card, don't forget to shout "UNO!"
  • ​This fun family card game is perfect for adults, teens and kids 7 years old and up.

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Go Fish

Though rain is coming down in the buckets, you may still claim to have gone fishing if you bring along deck of cards. Nearly everyone has played Go Fish game at some point in their lives and the rules are universal. The rules of the Go Fish are easy enough for small kids to learn. It’s a card game for camping trips that would go over better if the bulk of players are kids. 2 to 5 players are best to play Go Fish.

Continuum Games Go Fish Classic Card Game Fun for Children Age 3 and Up
  • FISH ARE FRIENDS NOT FOOD: Swim with the sharks and lunch with the lobsters while playing this classic card game of Go Fish! A family favorite just got even more fun with these creative designs.
  • EDUCATIONAL: Go Fish is a great way for young kids to learn how to play cards – how to hold them, how to deal, how to read the numbers, and how to be polite by taking turns.
  • FAMILY TIME: Playing games with your child is an excellent way to foster closeness, teach social interaction skills, as well as challenge them to use their knowledge and strategize.
  • CONTENTS: Includes deck of 48 cards in a sturdy box along with instructions for three game variations; the art is fun, friendly and fresh and they are packaged to make a great gift!
  • SPECIFICATIONS: For 3 to 6 players ages 3 years and older; Go Fish is designed for easy and frustration free game play to encourage fun and challenges for your little ones.

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Multiple Solitaire

People who bring along playing cards for every camping member may indulge in this quick-paced game. While this might sound like oxymoron, it may be one of the most furious and fastest games of any type played at the campsite. Every player deals out the standard set of solitaire and plays along. What makes multiple solitaire different is that all aces go into the middle and players may place one of their cards over the cards of other players as they pile up on the aces.

The round will end either once the first player eliminated 52 cards or when everyone has reached the end where they cannot go any further. Then, you separate the cards that are placed at the middle as well as assign the point number to them. You have to purchase distinguishable decks. The points may either be based on your face value or you could make it easier through assigning 5 points to the number cards ten points to face cards.


This card game is suited for adults, teens, and kids. Have everybody sit in circle at your campsite. Everybody holds their cards facedown without looking at the decks. Every player draws a card on the top of the deck and places the card at the center of the circle. Every player continues placing their cards in the center. If the player slaps a card incorrectly, he or she should give the top card in her or his pile to the player who placed a slapped card.

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Crazy Eights

This is a card game that everybody loves to play. The objective of Crazy Eights is to play the cards in your hand first. Then, to start, the dealer of the cards will deal every player 8 cards face down. The 8 servers as the wild card while the twos force the next player to pick up two while the four forces the next player to miss a turn. Queen of Spades will also force the other player to pick eight.

PlayMonster Imperial Kids Card Game - Crazy Eights
  • Package Dimensions: 1.524 cms (L) x 8.89 cms (W) x 15.24 cms (H)
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  • Country Of Origin: China

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This card game is also good for adults, yet it’s best suited for kids eight years old and above. The game’s objective is to make melds with the use of either runs of the suit of rankings or cards. A good example is 3, 3, 3 or 2h, 3h, 4h or 5h. Every player will start through receiving nine cards face down.

The cards remaining will be in the center. The top card from the pile at the center will be turned over. From this, the first person to the dealer’s left will begin by picking up the card face up at the center or through selecting the first card from the deck’s top part. You must lay down melds as soon as they’re created. The first individual to avoid all cards wins.

Gin Rummy Card Game Set with Playing Cards, Four Card Holders and Score Pad with Game Instructions by All7s
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  • 🤑MORE FOR YOUR MONEY - To complete the set card game experience also includes 4 triangle card holders. The four piece triangular multi-colored card holders are perfect for kids with little hands and seniors with hand arthritis alike to have fun while holding many cards.
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It’s an easy and fast card game to play with everyone at the campsite. This game needs basic addition as they’ll have to count to 31. To begin, the player will get 3 cards face down. When dealt, the players would look at their cards. Then, they’ll take a turn choosing the card from the pile at the middle and discarding the card. The face value of the card is used for counting, yet aces may be used as either 11 or 1.


It’s an easy card game for campers. This requires standard fifty-two deck of cards and at least 2 players. To start, dealers will deal the whole deck among the players. The players would take turns flipping over the cards. Once the 2 players flip over the card with the same rank, the players may shout snap in the game.

SNAP Card Game
  • 1 to 4 players
  • Playing time: about 20 minutes
  • 36 die-cut tiles, pad and pencil
  • High gloss graphics
  • Made in the USA

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Chase the Ace

This card game is played with a deck of cards. At least three people can participate, yet four or more can make Chase the Ace more enjoyable. To start, dealers can deal every player one card only. Cards should remain face, but players may look at the cars. The game’s object isn’t to have low card. When deal is done, players will look at the cards and pick whether they’ll pass their card on the left side or hold it.

The ranks may go from A to K. This means that if you are holding a card with 10 face value or higher than that, you would want to hold it. If you are holding a card with low rank, you might want to make a switch from your left side. If the player has King, he or she gets to hold the card no matter what some players like to do. Usually, you give the player with number of lives in this card game since it’s a quick game to play.

There are other card games you can play during camping. Depending on your personal preferences, the choice of card game is yours. Just choose the one that would make everyone have fun.

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