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Canyoneering is always a fun activity if you love the outdoors, want to get some steady exercise, and explore new places all at the same time. Now, if you’re reading this article, chances are you already know that canyoneering is not like your typical hiking or climbing shoes. Canyoneering shoes are built to go through all kinds of terrain – including mud and water! So you can already tell – good canyoneering shoes MUST be very hardy.

Here are some of the best shoes in the market today, built specifically for canyon adventures.

Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace

Unsurprisingly, Adidas is one of those shoe brands that create shoes for demanding activities like canyoneering. You’ll find that this is a common favorite of people who enjoy the hard outdoors.

The Terrex Hydro Lace is specifically created to prevent water from seeping into the feet. It’s built from synthetic and textile uppers with laced closure that keeps the shoes sealed tight against water.

Inside is neoprene, which helps protect your feet from the cold while the patented adiPRENE midsole takes most of the shock when canyoneering. This guarantees that even when walking on rough terrain, your soles won’t suffer pain from the rough impact. The outsole, on the other hand is designed for maximum grip, even when wet.

Adidas Terrex Voyager

Another Adidas contender for the best canyoneering shoes today is the Terrex Voyager, which is marketed for Class C canyons. This means any canyon where you have to trek through water currents, whether it’s a slow flow or a huge one.

They’re lightweight and treads water easily, so there are zero chances of your feet getting cold during the long walk. This is primarily thanks to the mesh design of the shoes, allowing water to just pass through the walls.

The soles are made from Stealth Rubber, giving them excellent traction when walking on angled rocks. Since the shoes become dry fairly quickly, there’s very little worry of slipping up with the traction offered by these shoes.

Compared to other canyoneering shoes – they’re also cheaper. For the comfort and lightness, you’re sacrificing the durable protection offered by the other shoes. If you bang your feet on any rocks while wearing these shoes – you’ll definitely feel it.

Five Ten Guide Tennie Approach Shoes

Five Ten Men’s Guide Tennie is actually classified as an approach shoe, which means that it has the characteristics of both climbing and hiking shoes. Five Ten once came up with the Five Ten Canyoneer shoes, but this didn’t really dominate the market.

Now, they’ve introduced the Five Ten Guide Tennie Aproach Shoes, which has a bit more pull from its target audience. This particular pair is considered as an all-around climbing shoe, especially with the grips on the outside. The toe box is a little large so you might have a hard time finding a proper foothold with these shoes.

The model comes with a gusseted tongue, which helps keep the sand and debris out. The bottom sole is a little thin though, and you’ll be able to feel the rocks after some time walking on these shoes. Not surprising since they’re designed with rock climbing in mind. The pair is a little heavy compared to others, but should serve you well for rock climbing hikes.

Bestard Canyon Guide Shoe

Bestard is considered an all-around choice for canyoneering. If you ask a canyon guide what shoe they prefer to wear – chances are this is the answer they’ll give you. It offers wonderful durability, provides for a speedy drainage, and admirable traction for strolling through slippery areas.

The material used for this shoe is called Idrogrip Vibram rubber, which starts off hard but softens up over time for comfort. They’re made primarily for trekking through large boulders instead of sand and dirt. Should you encounter these on the trail however, the shoes are built with gaiters, which guarantees zero sand and small rocks from working their way inside the shoes.

Drainage holes are added into the overall design of the shoes to make sure your feet dry up quickly if they do get wet. The build is also higher than most shoes – cinching up a bit over the ankles for better support. As a canyoneering shoe, it’s pretty light. You can also find versions of this specifically for women.

Salomon Men’s Techamphibian 3 Water Shoe

From the name itself, you can tell that these shoes are again built with water in mind. These shoes are built with mesh uppers and side panels that easily tread water and allow air circulation to keep your feet dry.

The bottom has a wonderful grip that’s good for improving traction – especially after getting the shoes wet. The lace setup is also admirable with a quick cinch and release technique for easier removal.

Now, you want to use these shoes primarily for water-logged hikes. Be prepared for some grit working their way into the shoes however, because of the mesh build.

The soles are soft but durable – capable of providing good support in medium terrain. Arch support is not as good as other shoes though so try not to bring it in very long hikes. The Salomon Men’s Techamphibian 3 Water Shoes are good for beginners.

Final Word

Of those listed, the Adidas Terrex Hydro Lace tops the line and should be your first choice if you have the budget for it.

Tennis shoes, hiking shoes, and climbing shoes are all good alternatives if you don’t have canyoneering shoes just yet. Remember though that if you’re unsure of the terrain, it’s always best to go with shoes specifically made to handle all sorts of weather.

Note – canyoneering shoes are built to withstand heavy wear and tear so don’t expect them to be cheap. Almost all canyoneering shoes are more expensive than your typical tennis shoes.

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