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Best Backpacking Tent Under $200

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A good and reliable tent can make or break a backpacking trip. No matter the terrain or temperature, exploring the outdoors doesn’t mean it’s alright to settle with second-rate tents worth under $200 when you’ll still be spending a significant amount of time housed in it. Which is why we’ve come up with a list of the five best backpacking tents under $200 that give you the most bang for your bucks.

Best Backpacking Tent Under 200

Hyke & Byke Yosemite Lightweight

Hyke & Byke Yosemite Hiking & Backpacking Tent - 3 Season Ultralight, Waterproof Tent for Camping w/Rain Fly and Footprint - 2 Person - Forest Green

The rapidly growing Hyke & Byke Yosemite Lightweight one- and two-person backpacking tent has become a darling of the crowd for its intuitive design and great quality that are mostly seen on costlier tents. For less than $150, the lightweight tent promises a durable, waterproof and roomy experience and overall packing convenience.

The ultra-lightweight and durable tent comes with a carrying sack and packs down small for easy carriage, while on backpacking and camping trips. According to Hyke & Byke’s Amazon product listing description, the tent’s make consists of “12 7000 Series aluminium alloy stakes, reflective guy lines equipped with tension lock cord adjustment, and a proprietary stake presser” that make it strong and reliable.

For setting up, the tent has two poles and clip-pole attachment for more convenient pitching–it can take as short as five minutes! –and improved breath-ability from the inside. In case it rains during the trip, there’s also no need to worry as the lightweight tent has PU 2000 rainfly that can also cover your extra gear. According to Hyke & Byke, the tent also has a “bathtub floor and taped floor seams” which help keep the water out so you can stay warm and dry even while it rains outside.

As for functionality, the tent has one main door, gear door, pockets for small necessities and the like, as well as two vestibules for increased accessibility. To top it all off, have we mentioned that the product comes with a lifetime warranty?

CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11′ x 9′

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CORE 6 Person Dome Tent 11' x9'

Backpacking on your own, or with another person or two, can be a breeze considering how easy you can set your travel pace. But if you’re going with a family and want them to experience the thrill of backpacking, tent space can definitely be an issue. Which is why you should check the CORE 6-Person Dome Tent if you’re on the hunt for a tent that can comfortably house the whole family–yes, pets included.

The polyester tent can accommodate six people, boasting of a size of 11’x 9’. It can fit two queen air mattresses and is equipped with a gear loft with a lantern hook and pockets so your items can stay organized. The product also includes a removable rainfly, tent stakes and a carry bag.

What’s more, the tent features Core H20 Block Technology, which means it utilizes water repellent fabric with active bead technology to enable faster water runoff. The tent’s sealed seams and rain-resistant door and window seals also come in handy in case it rains during the trip!

On hot nights, the CORE tent’s advanced venting also draws in cool air from the ground, while the mesh ceiling directs air to escape. Meanwhile, since you still need to connect with the outer world, the tent also features an electrical port access that you can close when not in use. As for pitching the tent, it can take as short as less than ten minutes!

TRIWONDER 2-3 Person Tent

TRIWONDER 2-3 Person Tent for Camping Backpacking Travel, Lightweight Waterproof 3 Season Tent UV Protection with Carry Bag (Orange, 3 Person)

If you’re on the hunt for a snug and quality backpacking tent for less than $80, you’re in for a treat. The Triwonder 2-3 person tent mixes comfort with convenience with a price point that makes it, really, a steal.

The Triwonder tent comes as a lightweight, waterproof 3-season tent with a UV cut for UV protection, in case you want to enjoy the sun while still tucked safely inside. Setting it up is a breeze–up to just about five minutes!–and going in and out is just as easy as the tent has double doors for accessibility.

The Triwonder tent’s fabric is made of polyester and nylon mesh while the tent poles are made up of aviation aluminum alloy, making it a durable but light inclusion for a backpacking trip, or other outdoor activities, may it be camping, fishing or hiking.

Ensuring practicality and convenience, the Triwonder tent has a double-sided zipper door, a hook for hanging a lantern on the ceiling of the tent, reflective rope for easier visibility at night time, and sturdy pegs that allow adequate protection from rain or wind.

Speaking of rain, the tent’s floor has adopted solid moisture proof material that will enable you to stay snug even while it rains outside. The tent’s upper portion also has a ventilation window for better air circulation to welcome fresh air any time, or in case you’re stuck in the hottest of nights.

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent , Red, 4-Person

When it comes to quality, the Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent might just have one of the highest given its price. Bagging high review ratings from more than 1,000 customers (one of them attesting that the tent is thunderstorm-proof), the Coleman tent dominates when it comes to style and durability.

The tent is equipped with a fully-covered vestibule that makes for a cleaner entryway and proper storage space for your gear. If you’re the type who just likes the important bits and bobs within your reach, the side of the tent’s walls has storage pockets for some small necessities.

To ensure stability, it also has a patented pin-and-ring system that helps keep the corner pole connections of the tent from slipping. The tent has a rain fly for improved airflow and increased protection in case it rains.

Speaking of rain, the Hooligan tent features protected seams for higher weather resistance by hiding needle holes within the tent, wind-strong frame, weather-resistant zipper cuff, and waterproof floors made possible by welding-inspired technology that makes for a more robust tent floor sans needle holes. For the $50- to $100-dollar price range, Coleman’s Hooligan Backpacking Tent proves to be well worth the money.

Stansport Scout 2 person Backpack and Camping Tent

Stansport Scout Backpack Tent - Forest (713-84-B) 54' W x 36' H x 78' D

A backpacking experience isn’t just good as an exercise to train the body. It can also be an emotional experience that brings back a flood of nostalgic memories from times past. And what better way to complete the feel than with the classic but modern-proofed A-frame look of the Stansport Scout 2 Person backpack and camping tent?

Priced just below $40, the three-season tent is perfect for straightforward backpackers on a budget with its nostalgic look that blends accessibility with style. The tent has a 29-square feet floor space, and is composed of no-see-um mesh door screens to keep the insects out. The A-frame design isn’t just that. It’s sure to keep the rain and wind away while ensuring lightweight, compactness and convenience

If you’re in it for ease, the Stansport Scout tent has two aluminum poles for easier pitching, and includes stakes and some ropes for extra support when it becomes windy during your trip. And in case it turns rainy, there’s no need to worry, as according to Stansport product description on Amazon, the tent’s upper portion is made up of polyurethane-coated nylon upper tent, while the floor is made of rugged polyethylene, allowing you to stay dry even when the weather turns harsh. Neat, right?

Finding the right backpacking tent is as important as finding the best camping spot, whether you’re travelling on your own or with great company. Now we’ve given you the list, it’s time to figure out which one works for you the best. The trail awaits!

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