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Best Backpacking Lighter

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Fire is an important item in daily living. After all, fire can provide warmth, and it can cook food—something that’s also important in our lives. When the going gets tough, however—such as when hiking and backpacking—it can only get even more important.

best backpacking lighter

Lighters, particularly backpacking lighters, can provide outdoor adventurers that vital function: to create fire. There are many backpacking lighters for those who may pack light, or those who may just bring the clothes in their back.

With that said, here are four of the best backpacking lighters out there, offering various waterproof abilities, resistance to environmental elements, and many more. They are all available on Amazon.

BIC Mini Lighter

The humble BIC Mini Lighter is adored by backpackers and common folks alike for a variety of reasons.

First, BIC Mini Lighter is popular because it can be purchased anywhere, aside from online markets like Amazon. It’s available in gas stations everywhere as well as grocery stores. Usually, it can be seen on top of service desk counters, or in the candles and cleaning supplies aisle. But the easiest and most convenient way of obtaining it, ideally, is through online purchasing.

Another reason for its popularity is its reliability. BIC Lighters are known for durability and longevity, so they’re always ready when needed, a trait backpackers appreciate.  The lighter uses a flint to produce sparks.

This reliability is claimed not only by its users, but the American manufacturer as well. BIC says its product is “100% quality-inspected” and that it “undergoes more than 50 checks” for quality. BIC also claims that this is “child-proof.” It can withstand being submerged in water, too.

Its pocket-friendly size contribute to the popularity. Its dimensions are at 2.5 inches long, and less than an inch wide and tall. It weighs just one pound.

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The BIC Mini is also available in an assortment of vibrant colors.

Zippo Matte Lighter

Zippo Logo Black Matte Pocket Lighter

Stylish and lightweight are some the features of the Zippo Matte Lighter.

The stylish look comes from its matte finish. Zippo says this finish is popular because it gives the lighter a smooth feel to the touch, and it protects it from fingerprints. The black matte lighter was first seen in Zippo’s lineup of products in 1984.

Then not long after, additional colors were added. In 1985, the brand logo was stamped on the lighter, and the colors and styling were improved. Each Zippo lighter bears the year of its manufacture in the said stamps.

Today, the Matte Lighters are manufactured in Pennsylvania and come in a gift box, Zippo adds. This is a refillable lighter, so backpackers can truly maximize its use.

The all-metal construction makes it work in tough environments and it also features a windproof design. But in case it does break, it can be fixed for free through the lifetime guarantee this lighter comes with.

Weighing at just above one ounce, this lighter is lightweight, and is compact being just a few inches long, wide, and tall. It comes with a palette of colors one can even have a Zippo that matches one’s backpack.

Tomolo Arc Lighter

TOMOLO Waterproof Lighter Plasma Windproof USB Rechargeable Flameless Dual Electric Arc Lighter with Lanyard Emergency Whistle Survival Gear for Outdoor Camping Survival (Black)

One look at the Tomolo Arc Lighter would let you know that it’s made for the roughest of tumbles.

To start with, it’s wrapped in a heavy-duty case, made from a material known as Silicon rubber. The case promises to have excellent protection in outdoor use, ensuring that external forces do not damage its insides. Aside from being sturdy, it provides users a comfortable feel and grip when in use.

The Arc Lighter sports an IP 56 water protection and is designed to be as windproof as possible. The lighter is connected to a lanyard, which improves its portability. This lanyard also comes with a whistle integrated to it, which would come in handy in emergency situations.

Thanks to these protection and convenience features, it’s an ideal tool in many adventures: A fire starter when starting a bonfire in camping; and an easy-to-use companion in travelling and hiking.

The fire is provided by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery—no fuel required. All it takes is a press of a button to make a fire. Clearly, this Tomolo is an environment-friendly lighter.

The Arc Lighter weighs less than two ounces and is just above two inches in length.

Tacamo H2 Plasma Torch Lighter

TACAMO® H2 Rechargeable Electric ARC Lighter, Plasma Arc Electric Lighter, Rechargeable USB Lighter with LED Flashlight - Waterproof, Windproof with SurvivorCord Ranger Pace Beads

The Tacamo H2 Plasma Torch Lighter is billed to be the most weatherproof lighter out there.

As apparent in the name, this lighter sports a dual-arc plasma torch that creates a whopping 2,000 degree heat—without an obvious flame. This heat is unleashed with a press of a button. Tacamo advises users to not touch the plasma because of the extreme heat.

The H2 is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is connected to a USB charger. This makes it possible to be charged using a computer, car socket, or a power bank.

Since it’s likely one would have the H2 about their person, Tacamo has integrated an LED flashlight. It features three modes, normal, bright, and strobe, which is reserved for emergency situations.

On the safety front, it includes a cap that’s lockable to avoid children getting in contact with the hot plasma, an automatic shut off gadget, and a protective circuit to prevent device damage from high temperatures.

Its bright Hunter Orange color ensures that it’s visible in the dark, similar to the Ranger Bead lanyard, which is made from SurvivorCord. The H2 Plasma Torch has been engineered to be as light and windproof as possible.


The simplest things work the best and the BIC Mini Lighter proves this to be true. It’s adored by many because of its availability in many stores, both the physical and online kind. It’s loved for its reliability, it can provide fire numerous of faultless times. It’s admired for its pocket-friendly size, being just 2.5 inches long, and less than an inch wide and tall.

The BIC Mini may not feature a torch or electric power, as it still uses fuel, but that’s part of its appeal. Its simple design and use is irresistible.

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